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Some game tips I wanted to share:

1. Parties
If you want to win the best performer award on a girl she has to be in a movie in the past 24 hours (Any movie made after yesterday's party is over). Best performer award is the most valuable in my opinion because it gives a celebrity star.
Best performer for the weekly party on Sunday has to have a movie made in the past 7 days.
Males and shemales are not eligible for best performer award so they cant get a free star from a party.

2. Dating websites
Girls on dating websites are removed from stranger pool. You cant meet them with Look for strangers. If you want a girl from the dating websites you have to break up with your girlfriend (if you have one) then date the girl a few times and make her your girlfriend thru the dating website. If you want your original girlfriend back you can breakup in a city with 0 strangers and its easy to keep meeting her to get back together.
Also you cant do this with hookup only dating profiles.

3. High salary girls
If you meet a girl that has very high body stats, speciality or celebrity stars she might ask for a really high salary. Here is how you can get her to a low salary.
You ask her to be a camgirl, do 10 cam sessions then switch her career to videos. She might ask for a one time bonus to switch.
After this (Lets say you have a 3 star celebrity actress with a 1500$ per movie salary in personal contact) you can force join her into agency. She will lose 50% happiness but you force her on the 1500$ salary instead of asking her nicely and let her demand God knows how much money. Now you just date her twice with gifts and fill her happiness back to 100%
There might be other methods but this is how I do it, camming has no cooldown and you can quickly do 10 sessions.


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4. Personal missions
I highly recommend doing personal missions. I dont remember when but at some point the reward is 5 AWT coins per mission which can add up. AWT coins are amazing and you can use them for lots of cool stuff.

5. Trending categories
I recommend doing movies with actors or categories that are in the weekly trend. You get more views. More views means more money


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6. Personal mission #2
To complete a personal mission you can put any category combination you want. For example if you have
Record a softcore video including a messy scene and a dirty talk while licking pussy event.
You can complete it with a deepthroat/threesome category combo as long as it has a messy tag and get the dirty talk event.
With softcore, hardcore, extreme you do however have to have an action that triggers the softcore/hardcore/extreme tag but you arent required to select it as category to complete the mission.

Hope I explained it clear enough. If you have trouble or have questions you can message me in game or post here


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7. Repeating category combos
You get a rating penalty for repeating the same category combo in your last 10 videos.
The comment will look like this "Come on guys, be more creative. Same categories seen before!!"
To avoid this either repeat category combo on your 11th video or do video series. Video series doesnt give penalty for repeating category combos but will get penalty for reusing any actor in the series


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8. A short way to explore the Body stats of new girls without making a video

  • Go on date with them in a location with a jacuzzi. Ask them to do this naked (At least i did never get a "No" as answer), that way you get a striptease of them and breast and ass stat are revealed.
  • On a second date go somewhere where you can dance with her, after that don't say goodby, instead ask her to go to your place. With a 69 position you get the pussy and the asshole stat. Sometimes even one or two sexskills and even some traits can be revealed this way (depends on luck and what you exactly do with them).
But anyway, the bodystats of girls are easily revealed with just two dates this way. I guess this will also work with shemales (The first date does definetly), but i never tried the second date for this purpose (I am not really into sucking dicks ;) )

But don't forget : Never do the second date in the same city, where your girlfriend is. She probably will notice it, call it cheating and leave you.
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9. Do photoshoot missions

I am talking about those missions that hide in the city menu behind the green button called "Model work".
For beginner accounts, they are a easy and short way to build a money base. But even later on they are a very good source for getting movie modifiers like camera and sound crews, personal modifiers like make up, and most important STD cures.

The money income of this missions is fixed, means you can exactly see what you will get. So it is easy to plan shooting with positive outcome, even when you need to hire fitting models from a strangers agency. To get the money there is no "minimal quality", so you can do the shooting at any place with any model that fits to the mission description.

If you wanna get modifiers too, then quality is needed. I think it was an average shooting rating of 80 to get modifiers as a bonus (What modifiers you get is random). A good rating is relatively easy to achieve :

  • A photostudio helps to stabilize the focus bar. The higher the studio tier, the more stable the focus. Many cities already have photostudios built, so if you don't own one, look if there's one to rent.
  • The professionality of the model(s) keep position and smiling more stable (very professional models even do this automatically, no hasty clicking needed)
If you don't find a fitting model in town, try using the ingame search function. It costs a very little amount of GTH, but you can look for exactly the needed person and it does not matter if he/she works for an agency at the other end of the world.
If you plan to do more than one shoot and need more models borrowed, then open the search function and the model each in other browsertabs. There is no need to pay more GTH for searching, if the requirements for the models are the same ;)
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10. Agencies and happiness

Agencies are an important tool to expand your adult empire. Founding a new agency will cost you 50 000 $. Although you lose a bit of control (Actors/models in agencies are hireable to other players) you usually will probably put most of your actors in agencies you own for 2 reasons :

- If you are not paying VIP subscription you have limited contacts. Actors in agencies are "parked" without counting to your personal contact limit (as long as you don't add them back to your contact list to make or movie or so). So agencies make it possible to have much more actors/models in your account. And they stay there much longer than the contacts you have "on hand". So if you are offline, i.e. for 2 weeks, you will still have them there, while those on your hand are gone (since their 6 day contract is finished). But keep in mind: If you are off the game for several months, then it is possible for other players to buy them out of your agency. So it is a long term solution, but none for eternity ;)

- the other reason is : As long as they are happy to work for you, they won't ask for a payrise (which actors with personal contracts to you usually do) when you have to extend their contract (agency contracts are always made for 10 jobs). This helps keeping movies cheap. But : If they are not happy enough, they still ask for raise of wages. I don't know the exact values, but with happiness 90 i never had a problem, while i had a case where happiness 80 led to a payrise from around 5 k to 400 k. I personally aim for 100 %, it's not that complicated anyway ;)

So happiness is imho an important stat. There are several ways to reduce it. Here a few examples:

  • asking to do something they have on their "No List" in a video
  • an penis that flips out of a hole (Shame on him... )
  • an erection loss (Even more shame on him.. )
  • vomit events
  • surely there are even more things, don't take this list as complete ;)
On the other hand you can raise happiness :

  • Going on date (if it is a girl and already reasonably happy)
  • Giving gifts that fit to her/his hobbies
  • Having an orgasm (in movies or while having sex with you)
  • Watching movies with you on a date ( romantic movies for girls/shemales, thriller for men). Such date needs to be in a location with living room.
  • You cook for her on a date, but only if you manage that it tastes her good (luckbased, i think). Needs a location with a kitchen.
  • probably this list isn't complete too, so there may be other options too...
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A note on renewing agency contracts.
If the actor has 80% happiness and wants a raise you can end the conversation and try again ("Walk away" red conversation button). You have a pretty good chance of getting a renewal conversation without a raise. Just need to try again
I think for happiness lower than 80% you can try do this but the chance for wanting a renewal without a raise seems much lower.

A more advanced trick if you have an actor on a very high salary in agency is to kick them out of the agency and pick them up again from the stranger pool.
This doesnt work that well if the agency is in a city with a very high stranger count. But works great in a city with low strangers
Offer them a different career path (A career they dont have any xp in) and then switch back to porn.
Even celebrities seem to accept an entry level salary in a new career (photo or webcam)
Finally force join them to agency so they dont make salary demands.
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11. Missions in the city menu

You can get a lot of modifiers or some extra money by fulfilling missions, that you can find in the city in the top left corner (The green button called "missions")

Be careful which to take. Some of that missions are not possible to fullfill and breaking such a contract always costs you 3000 $.
Sometimes the right locations are missing in the city, sometimes there are actions demanded that are not possible to make in the demanded location.

For a mission that is impossible by a missing action in the demanded location there is a workaround that helps, at least when the building, that you are doing the movie at, supports it.

Just start the video in the demanded location, do any of the actions you can do there, then take all actors from their positions. When you do so you you see on the left side the button "area", there you can switch to another location, that supports the action, and do the demanded action there.

For example if you have a mission that demands "a doggystyle on the toilet".The toilet location has only "sitting on toilet" as a postion available. Let an actor sit there, suck a finger, massage titties or do something else (don't forget to start recording it) and end that action after a short time (Make sure to keep that part in the movie, when cutting out actions in the postproduction). Then end the whole position, go to the area button, select bedroom (which is hopefully available in that house) and start a doggy position there.

That way you can fullfill a lot of the missions that, at first, sound impossible to do.
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