Adjust orgasm chance at high Orgasm Control level


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The time it takes for an orgasm to be achieved when an actor has a really high orgasm level is ridiculous even when up against another skill like blow job or foreplay that is equally as high.

For example a 91 Orgasm Control against an 89 foreplay took nearly half an hour.

I'm not sure if it's made worse by the nympho trait but I think it may need some re-balancing.


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Totally agree. This game mechanic was doubted before the restart more than once already. I myself experienced almost game breaking problems with it that time with my Star Horny Butterfly. Since i maxed out that nymphos traits with that legendary modifer, she finally ot an control orgasm skill of 98, and in 30 videos i only managed her twice to get a real orgasm. Almost all that videos were 60 minutes long (so at max length). The hardest experience was a failed movie, where i had a male actor with CO 100 and fucking 100 have fucked her for 50 minutes, an neither him nor her came to an end. So i guess there is also a lot of luck included, too much luck for my taste.

My suspicion is, that this mechanic was implemented that way that nymphos get a disadvantage. Nymphos usually have a CO skill of 80 or even higher (at least i've never seen a lower skill on them), so they are usually horny without ever getting statisfaction. That may be realistic, but it imho disturbs the gameplay a lot.
To me higher values should be an advantage, expecially when you can only raise them (modifier, sexology or simply by doing it).
So to me the CO skill should be working in a way that a button appears that is labelled "orgasm now", and if you click it the orgasm happens. The higher the value, the earlier the button should appear. This way it really would mean that the actor/actress is able to CONTROL the orgasm. I think this was another player's suggestions 2 or 3 years ago already, but never implented.

Actually you only can do a workaround (for girls) with fake orgasms, which also sometimes helps to raise the acting skill. But to me, this is only 30 percent as good as a movie with a real end.