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Video rating

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  • Every video is rated, but this rating is not visible for players, but is used to calculate the amount of views.

    These are the subjects that matters for the rating:
    • actor skill levels
    • actor Specialties
    • Celebrity status
    • bodypart values
    • size of penis on start of action (if applicable)
    • match between actions and categories/tags
    • events
    • recording quality (camera crew)
    • sound quality (sound crew)
    • sick actors
    • recent surgery
    • combination rating of video categories
    • combination rating of video category and area
    • area level
    • amount of videos created with the same category combination
    • is it a video serie, and if so, are the same actors used? (= negative rating)
    Additionally, the following rating is applied dynamically:
    • first / second category trending
    • age of the video (based on first time upload)
    • website latency
    • is video uploaded to specific video category website?
    • is video featured on front page