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  • As a surgeon you'll be able to perform a various amount of surgeries, such as breast enlargement, butt implants, anal rejuvenation, and many more.


    Removes unborn chird, removes Pregnant trait
    Trait requirement: Pregnant

    Anal rejuvenation

    Highers the asshole stat.
    Chance of trait: Perfect asshole
    This operation can be performed once.

    Boob job enhancement

    Highers the breasts stat.
    Chance of trait: Perfect breasts
    Trait requirement: Fake boobs
    This operation can be performed once.

    Breast enlargement

    Highers the cup size.
    Generates trait: Fake boobs

    Breast reduction

    Lowers the cup size.

    Butt implants

    Highers the ass stat.
    Chance of trait: Perfect ass
    This operation can be performed once.

    Cellulitis removal

    Highers the ass stat, removes cellulitis trait
    Trait requirement: Cellulitis


    Highers the penis stat.
    Removes the Uncut penis trait.
    Trait requirement: Uncut penis

    Fat grafting

    Chance of trait: Perfect ass
    Needs body fat

    Hemorrhoid removal

    Highers the asshole stat.
    Removes the Hemorrhoid trait.
    Trait requirement: Hemorrhoid

    Labia correction

    Highers the pussy stat.
    Removes the large labia trait.
    Trait requirement: Large labia


    Needs body fat
    NPC will lose weight.

    Penis enlargement

    Highers penis stat. Will generate Huge penis trait if new bodystat is 15 or higher.

    Remove breast implants

    Trait requirement: Fake boobs

    Resets original cup size, removes Fake boobs trait.


    Adds trait: Sterilized

    For females: Will never get pregnant
    For (she)males: Unable to conceive

    Vaginal rejuvenation

    Generates the Innie pussy trait.
    Surgery is not possible when the girl still has the Large labia trait.
    Also, it won't work for women older than 30 years, except when this surgery is your specialty.


    Highers the pussy stat
    Chance of trait: Perfect pussy