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  • General

    A girlfriend is a special kind of contact. The benefits:
    • Girlfriend contact will never expire
    • Girlfriend won't ask money for jobs (webcam sessions, video recordings, photoshoots)
    • You can have instant sex with her
    • Both females and shemales can be your girlfriend
    • Girlfriend shows on your user profile, as well as your user avatar on the forums
    • Custom Clothing won't reset back to her own wardrobe by default

    How to obtain a (new) girlfriend

    As level 1 you start with a self created girlfriend. If you manage to lose her (see below), you can get a new girlfriend by dating someone at least 3 times, and have sex with her at least one time. The date after that, you have the highest chances after a cuddling session that she will say yes to "the" question.

    When can you lose your girlfriend

    Depending on certain traits (Faithful and Polyamorous) you have a chance of losing your girlfriend when you're cheating.

    To start off, cheating can only be detected when you're having an affair (having sex) with another girl in the same town your girlfriend is in. But if your girlfriend is polyamorous, she won't mind.

    If she has the faithful trait, she will 100 % break up with you is she finds out. If she doesn't have that trait, she will break up like 60 % of the time. But she will be pissed, thus losing some Happiness and Relationship status.

    Girlfriend leaves when you're inactive for more than 3 months

    Also,if you haven't logged in more than 3 months, your girlfriend will leave you.