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Getting started

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    After you've registered, and logged in at least once, you immediately have to choose where to start your company.

    Choose home town and company name

    You will get your home office in the town you choose. Your office will have a special video editing studio where you can post-process your recordings. This means that, at the beginning, this town is the only place where you can do that.

    If you progress the game you can build more properties and include a video editing studio as well.

    You also have to think of a company name.

    Create your girlfriend

    After choosing your home town, it's time to create your Girlfriend.

    She is a special kind of person: She will ask no money for performing jobs, and the her contract will never expire. She will be shown on your user profile as well.

    Girlfriend's trait and specialty

    These properties matter. They will influence the rating of her performance in videos.

    Some Traits will influence the body part stats as well, such as the Perfect pussy, Perfect body and Beauty traits. If you pick Beauty for example, you will get to choose from the most beautiful face images the game has to offer.

    So pick wisely! Find information about all traits here.

    Girlfriend's career path

    Your starting girlfriend will be a porn actress. If you progress through the game, you will be able to change the career path. But if you are not careful you can lose your girlfriend because she caught you cheating!

    But of course... you ARE able to get another girlfriend. :)

    Girlfriend looks

    As said before, every face image has a specific stat range. If you pick Beauty, you will get the high tier face images to choose from. Don't worry, because every girlfriend will get pretty good stats, even if you don't pick this trait.


    Go to Office -> Inventory. You start with some modifiers to temporary enhance your contacts, or use them in jobs. Click the name of a modifier to learn more.
    You can also buy common Modifiers from player shops. Just take a look at the browse Websites menu, and then webshops tabs.

    Your first video with your girlfriend

    First check out your girlfriend's stats. Is she pretty? Which trait and specialty did you choose? The advanced rating algorithm takes all these things into account!

    Hint: If you hover the body part stat, you can actually see her body part!

    For example, in the Tit fuck video category, the breast stat is very important. But in the Pussy licking category, as you can guess, the pussy stat is more important.

    To create a video, first start by picking a recording location under Visit <town> in the header.

    A hotel is a safe choice to record videos. A hotel room is a recording location that is OKish for almost every video category. If applicable (because not every town has a hotel), choose the hotel and click on 'Record a video here' in the context menu.

    Video recording guide

    There's another guide for the Video recording phase. Check it out here!

    Distribution phase

    Your movie is done! Now, you have to upload it to one or more websites.

    Click the Browse websites button in the header and upload it (see the green Upload button in the left context menu). Then, you have to wait and see how many views your video will get!

    Depending on the website's Ad % income for video owner setting, you will get a payout for every view you get. It's around the 100 % payment is around 0,08 cents currently. That sounds not much, but good videos will generate millions of views!

    Also, if the website supports it, you will receive comments that will tell you things about the video. Such as traits seen in the video, body stats of the actors, category combinations, events, modifiers, and so on. Based on a positive or negative comment, a rating will be formed. Use these comments to make an ever better video next time!