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  • If you want to create a website, you need a CMS system.

    CMS systems are created and maintained by users.

    A CMS system version determines which features are available on your website. Every CMS only supports one operating system family: Windows, Linux, BSD or Unix.

    CMS features

    A webdesign company can develop new features that needs develop hours. You can develop one time each real-life hour. If a feature is finished, it's possible to release the new CMS version, or start working on a new feature before you release it. You can also spend 5 GTH to develop 3 hours at once.

    Click here to view all CMS features and their details.

    CMS framework

    A CMS needs a CMS framework. You need to develop this separately. A framework decides a few things:

    1. The amount of features you can develop for your CMS
    2. The amount of bugs that will get generated for your CMS
    3. Which features you get from the start of developing your CMS
    4. Which operating system family will be supported. This is important for Hosting.
    Read here for more information about CMS frameworks.

    Operating system

    Keep in mind that the operating system decides on what hosting platforms you can host the CMS. Most popular is Linux, currently.


    You can also spend your developing hours on fixing bugs in existing versions. This is important because bugs can cause downtime. The website owner needs to troubleshoot the problem, and then the website is back online again. But the cause can get fixed by the webdesign company. After a specific bug is fixed, every CMS customer needs to update their CMS manually to get the bugs fixed permanently.

    So customers need to troubleshoot every time the website is down because of a CMS failure caused by a bug. The permanent fix is an update, which can only be developed by the web design company.

    A web design company can decide to stop fixing bugs in older versions to push customers to the latest version (which will cost money). But if all the features are implemented in a CMS, it's not possible to release a new version!


    If a specific CMS version with a set of features is released, everyone can buy a license per website to be able to use the CMS.

    A CMS has a full price for new customers, and an upgrade price if an existing customer upgrades.
    You can also set a daily price that every CMS user has to pay.

    Web design company

    A web design company is one of the Specializations a user can get. As a user you can only have one specialization.[/h2]