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CMS framework

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  • If you want to develop a CMS, you'll need a CMS framework first. You can develop your own, or buy an existing one from another user.

    Programming language

    Choosing the right programming language. You don't care about bugs? Choose PHP. Have enough time and never want bugs? Choose .NET. This is a list of all the languages and their stats:

    NameDeveloping time multiplierBug amount multiplier
    Javascriptx1.5x1.0 (default)
    .NETx4.00 (no bugs!)

    For example, PHP frameworks will generate 4 times more bugs than a Javascript framework. .NET will never have any bugs, but developing the framework and features for CMS'ses based on that framework will take 4 times more time!

    Feature slots

    When a CMS framework is finished, there will be a random number of feature slots. These feature slots decides how many CMS features can fit into a CMS.

    The amount of feature slots will be based on the amount of company XP you earn with your web design company.

    Built in features

    When a CMS framework is finished, there will also be a random number of built in features. These features will be included instantly in every CMS that is developed.

    Feature slots don't count for built in features, as well as the "Basic features" feature.


    If you finish a CMS framework, you can decide to release it so that other users can buy your CMS framework and start their own CMS'ses. Or, don't release it, and your webdesign company will be the only one who is able to use it.