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Clothing company

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  • One of the Specializations you can choose is starting a Clothing company.

    You need to buy fabric first, then you can craft clothing. Based on the minigame score (an adult puzzle), you'll craft uncommon, rare or even epic clothing.

    Company XP

    XP is earned when crafting clothing. The higher the company XP is, the more chance you'll have to craft uncommon, rare and epic clothing.

    Company reputation (REP)

    REP is earned if npcs are wearing branded clothing at daily/weekly Parties.


    You are able to create a brand. You can then upload a logo (JPG), and if you do, that logo will appear at every branded clothing piece.

    You can create 1 brand per 100 REP points, starting with 1 brand if you still have 0 REP points.

    When someone joins a party wearing your brand, you'll earn REP points, and that will higher the hourly money earned with 10 %. You start with $ 100 per hour per brand. Next party appearance will change that to $ 110, and so on.

    Crafting process


    You need fabric rolls to create clothing. There are a lot of different types, colours and materials.

    Some examples: Solid, gradient, striped, leather, denim, panther, etc etc. Solid is the most common.

    You can buy fabric at fabric-bay.com. This website is to be found under "Misc" Websites. When you bought fabric, visit the company manager and click the blue Fabric button, and then the green "Craft Clothing" button.

    A roll contains a specific amount of units. Based on the clothing type you can craft a maximum number of that type of clothing. For example, hot pants require 2 units per clothing item, but a dress requires 15 fabric units!.


    After you've selected the fabric, you need to fill in some slots, starting with the gender you want to create the clothing for.

    Clothing type

    After the gender selection, you'll get forwarded to the clothing type selector. The drop down shown is based on the amount of available fabric units, and the selected gender.

    Crafting amount

    You can decide you many clothing items you want to craft. This means you won't use the complete fabric, but you can re-use the same fabric for another clothing type, to create a set of a bikini top + bottom in the same fabric, for example.


    If you've filled in all the requirements, you can click the green "Start crafting" button to start the minigame. The minigame simply an adult puzzle you need to solve with at least clicks as possible.

    The higher points left, the higher the chance will be of creating rare/epic clothing.


    When the minigame is finished, you can choose a brand if desired. If you do, there will be more naming options.


    Based on the type of clothing, the generated rarity, and the brand, you can pick a clothing name.

    Unit price

    This is the price you ask per clothing item. Don't make this too low as you might not get a profit out of it!


    After all steps are done, clothing webshop owners are able to buy stock from your company. You'll have to manually deliver them, but you'll receive a notification when that happens.