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Vote for the next big feature in AWT!

Which new big feature do you want in the game?

  • Membership websites

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Custom porn videos

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Cam girl websites

    Votes: 7 58.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Likes Big boobs videos
Hi guys,

I think the core of the game is currently pretty stable, and has lot's of things to discover.

It's time for a new core feature, and I'll let you guys decide which one! Please vote and let me know which one you like most, and if possible, please reply to this thread and explain your choice. These ideas aren't 100 % thought through yet, so any suggestion or idea is welcome!

De poll will close in two weeks.

Membership websites (impact: medium)
A system where you have an alternative way of making money: Attract paying members to your website. No advertising income, but instead, you receive membership income on a daily basis.

You will have to satisfy your paying members. It will be based on the amount and frequency of high quality videos uploaded to a members-only part of the website.

I like this idea because it perfectly matches the game's core business: adult websites.

Custom porn videos (impact: huge)
An overhaul of the video creating process. This means: custom scenes, custom sequence ordering, positions, more specific events, and an even more complex video rating system.

This feature will be HUGE. And I'll probably need the whole remaining year for this (rough estimation :)), which means that every other new feature will have to wait. The time needed for creating a video will be greatly increased as well.

Custom video's are discussed before here. If you read that thread you'll notice the complexity of this idea. This change will have impact on almost everything of the game.

Cam girl websites (impact: big)
Title says it all. It's about live shows (streams), themes, cam locations (at home or at a preparated cam girl building)

This means a new career path, building XP by performing in cam shows, certain cam categories, work times, ratings, viewers, bandwidth, etc.

Same with the membership websites: This feature will match the core of the game. :)


I voted in favor of the custom videos. Since it is the biggest change, it seems like it would have the most effect on other elements of the game. If you add other video related features before implementing the custom videos, you might have to go back and rework their code after adding the custom video feature. This would mean you increase the overall amount of work you have to do.
On the other hand, if you implement custom videos first, you will be able to integrate that new game changing system into any other new feature you add as you go along. I would imagine this would be easier to do than trying to rework existing features. For example, the cam show feature seems like it could use elements of the custom video feature (planning what the actress will do while on cam, etc.). It might take less time to implement this feature if it is added after custom videos are in place.
It reminds me of the putting rocks in a jar analogy. First you put in the big rocks, then the little rocks (which fall into the spaces around the big rocks), and finally the sand. This way, you are able to fit the most material in. If you start with the little rocks, it will be tougher to make the big rocks fit later on.


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Adding cam models and sites would be a quick way to get some of those nude models sitting around working and earning XP while you expand the basic modeling path. You can also test run elements of the custom videos like @silias321 mentioned with the planning for the model.

Logically, it'd fill in the gap and the players would bug test it for you before the big custom video update and likely account/server reset.


Likes Big boobs videos
With 58 % of the votes, the feature "Cam girl websites" won!

Next phase is to brain storm how to implement it. I'll open a thread about it.