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Video recording guide


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Choosing a location
If you decided you want to record a video, you should find a location. Locations can be found from the "Visit ..." button in the top menu.

Choosing a starting area
During the recording phase, you are able to change the area within the same property. The area you choose before you start the recording, is just the starting area.

Choosing actors
If you added an actor to the video, you are able to apply modifiers, and change their clothing by going to their profile.

Choosing modifiers
Most modifiers you add to a video can be used during the recording. Mostly toys. Some modifiers increase the rating by highering the video quality.

Recording phase
The recording phase is a real-time system. Choose what actions your actors should perform, and do not forget to have the camera enabled!

Before you can perform actions, you should create a pose. Then, based on the pose, pose slots are usable by other actors to interact with the "main actor".

Actions require an available bodypart. If that bodypart is in use, no other action is possible using that bodypart. This means that you cannot let a girl suck two dicks at a time, but you can let her jerk off an actor while sucking another.

Post process phase
Remove unwanted actions from your footage. The amount of allowed cut outs is based on the video editing studio in the town you're in. 5 cut outs per level.

Choose categories
Choose the two main categories for your video. This is very important. You have to make sure it's a logical combination, because a big part of the rating depends in this one.

Choose tags
Choose additional tags that describe the video.

Choose series (and change name)
If you have a serie that matches the two categories you've picked two steps back, you can select it and the video will be part of the series.

After finishing
Upload your video to a website!

Based on the rating of the whole video, comments are generated. Beware that people will only give positive rating to actions if they match a category or tag!

Every video is rated, but this rating is not visible for players, but is used to calculate the amount of views.

These are the subjects that matters for the rating:
  • actor skill levels
  • actor specialties
  • celebrity status
  • bodypart values
  • size of penis on start of action (if applicable)
  • match between actions and categories/tags
  • events
  • recording quality (camera crew)
  • sound quality (sound crew)
  • sick actors
  • recent surgery
  • combination rating of video categories
  • combination rating of video category and area
  • area level
  • amount of videos created with the same category combination
  • is it a video serie, and if so, are the same actors used? (= negative rating)
Additionally, the following rating is applied dynamically:
  • first / second category trending
  • age of the video (based on first time upload)
  • website latency
  • is video uploaded to specific video category website?
  • is video featured on front page
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