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Video rating explained


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The video rating is the basis of the calculation that determines the amount of views every minute.

It's the most complex algorithm of the game.

Below is a quick sum up of all the things that have an impact on it. The rating itself is not visible to players. You'll have to figure it out yourself, and that should be part of the fun. :)

Actor related
  • Diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Virginity
  • Traits
  • Specialties
  • Age
  • Modifiers
    • Eg. Freshly showered highers the body stat of the actor
    • Eg. If you record a video just after a breast surgery, this will have a negative impact
  • Race
  • Clothing
Video related
  • Body stat of the actors in the video
  • Stamina
  • Video events (both positive and negative)
  • Count of recent videos in same categories
  • Area level
Depending on the chosen video categories
  • Pregnancy (negative for all video categories except Pregnant)
  • Breast size (even a negative impact if an actor has small breasts but video category is Big boobs)
  • A match between video category and an actor trait (eg. Deepthroat Queen <-> Deepthroat)
  • A match between video category and an actor modifier (eg. Shaved pussy <-> Shaved)
  • A match between video category and the age of an actor (eg. Teen, Young/Old, MILF)
  • A match between video category and the actor race (eg. No Asian actors in an Asian video will have a huge negative rating impact)
  • Specific body part stat (eg. Breast stat in a Big Boob video)
  • A video with Toy category should at least has one toy video modifier such as a Dildo
  • A video in Clothed category should have actors with high Face stat
Website / hosting related
  • How many hours ago was the video uploaded to a website
  • On how many website is the video uploaded
  • Video categories trends (Intelligence)
  • Production level trends (Intelligence)
  • Recording quality
  • Website latency (based on CPU % usage of hosting server and throughput of datacenter)
Video comments
Every online video will get comments. The comment will give you some hints about the rating system.

This is not everything though. You'll find out. :)
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