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Release notes Version 0.88 released - Genital tightness, a lot of improvements and bugfixes


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Yes. It was a long time age since the last release. Next updates will focus specific requests that have been made.

Vaginal / Anal tightness
Pussies and assholes now have a specific measures. Based on the length/girth of the cock, pain and arousal values are impacted. For example, a dude with a huge cock entering in a tiny asshole, will cause a lot of pain for the receiver.

Please let me know if the system needs nerfing/buffing.

Penis length / girth
All npcs with cocks have been regenerated. Now the Huge penis trait is based on these measures. Some will have a micropenis now. Sorry. :)

Except BUGS because of the core changes of this update. Please, please report these and make this a better game!

Full release notes down below!

New Feature
  • [AWT-844] - Vaginal / Anal tightness
  • [AWT-847] - Penis length / girth
  • [AWT-862] - New trait: Micropenis
  • [AWT-848] - Penis measures now included in penetration arousal calculation
  • [AWT-850] - New npc tag: Tight pussy
  • [AWT-851] - Huge penis trait now triggered on penis length
  • [AWT-853] - Penis measures now included in pain calculation
  • [AWT-854] - Clothing webhops pagination
  • [AWT-855] - Modifier image for modifier slot upgrade and razor blades
  • [AWT-863] - Lowered the chance of E.Coli infection
  • [AWT-865] - Nerfed career salary demands for NPC's
  • [AWT-866] - Enhanced randomizer for choosing new bodypart images post-surgery
  • [AWT-867] - Higher model work payouts
  • [AWT-856] - Crash due to cleaning up old ClothingCompanyClothings (nightly process)
  • [AWT-857] - Dialog error with Shemale and virgin sex
  • [AWT-858] - When ending photoshoot just before actual end date causes HA* error
  • [AWT-860] - Black men not generated
  • [AWT-861] - Nickname not shown when selecting npcs to join party
  • [AWT-868] - "You cannot leave this page until you finish your interaction with the actor." errors
  • [AWT-869] - Waxed and professional waxed can stack, should not
  • [AWT-870] - Npcs created with AWT coins expire too soon


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I just made a movie with the new system and I think fuck pussy action needs some tweaking. Probably the hidden value that decreases arousal is too strong
The issue I encountered was the actor is losing his erection and arousal while fucking. If it gets to swollen/flacid it can flip out and he loses hapiness which is not good. I had to stop, masturbate (dick) and try again when hard, but arousal and erection decreased again

His stats are 48 Fucking and 33 Maintaining erection
Both actors are straight (M, F). Pussy was lubed, no pain. She has tight pussy and he has 14cm penis

Is this supposed to happen?


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Maintaining erection 77
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Penis length (erect) 10.8 cm
Penis girth (erect) 3.8 cm
female is very thight

cant hold his hard on after short time again Flaccid , really dont know whats wrong...
foreplay stuff like rubing penis on clit no longer works to make it hard..
1min of movie and allways soft again

even with viagra no maintain of the erecction , its total broken now.... i tried diferend actors
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Thanks Colin! Lots of new fixes and features. Thanks for all your work!