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Release notes Version 0.87 released - Outfit rating visible, more AWT coins to spend, system appointments for beauty therapists


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I just released a small update. Check it out. :)

  • [AWT-840] - Outfit rating visible on npc profile
  • [AWT-836] - Spend AWT points to reset development timer
  • [AWT-837] - Spend AWT coins to reset sex timer
  • [AWT-839] - Beauty therapists now get system appointments (all except Laser hair removal)
  • [AWT-841] - Special outfit description for dresses, bikini's and formal outfits
  • [AWT-843] - Changed datacenter price validation
  • [AWT-835] - Deprecations
I changed a lot of code behind the scenes regarding deprecations in the latest version of the used PHP Framework. If you encounter any error messages, let me know!