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Release notes Version 0.84 released - Agency conversations enhanced, new NPC tag related features, discover sex skills during conversations, and MUCH MORE!


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NPC tags searchable
You can now use the search function to filter on tags. (Eg. MILF, Babe, Goddess, Shaved, etc etc)

This is now possible because I made the tags persistant in the game database. This means that all kinds of features are now possible, that's why a LOT of the newe CMS features are tag related.

New CMS features
7 new CMS features to develop for your dating-, escort-, and video websites! There are now 60 different CMS features to develop.

I also updated the wiki page about CMS features. I included a screenshot for most of the features so that you know exactly what a specific feature does.

Achievement page per user
You can now see which achievements you still need to unlock. And you can now easily compare the achievements with yourself.

Extend agency conversation extended
You can now change the career path of npc's who are in your agency. This conversation will be triggered if an npc needs a new contract.

Additionally, the unhappy npcs will have a higher chance of staying in your agency in the extend agency conversation if you have a high relationship status with the npc. The higher the better.

Discover sex skills
You will now discover sex skills in appropriate conversation trees (such as having sex, etc).

Except BUGS because of the size of this update. Please, please report these and make this a better game!

Full release notes down below!

New Feature
  • [AWT-788] - New CMS feature: Tags visible on dating profile
  • [AWT-789] - New CMS feature: Tags visible on escort profile
  • [AWT-792] - New CMS feature: Tag limitation for dating websites
  • [AWT-793] - New CMS feature: Tag filter on escort websites
  • [AWT-794] - New CMS feature: Tag filter on dating websites
  • [AWT-796] - New CMS feature: Pretty tag filter for video websites
  • [AWT-798] - New CMS feature: Filter on user current town (dating + escort websites)
  • [AWT-801] - Achievement page per user
  • [AWT-802] - Specialization saturation chart
  • [AWT-786] - Change career paths during agency contract
  • [AWT-804] - Promotional codes
  • [AWT-805] - Higher chance of keeping agency npc in agency when relationship status is high
  • [AWT-795] - New chart statistic: Top tags
  • [AWT-787] - Operating system icons
  • [AWT-790] - NPC tags searchable
  • [AWT-791] - Lower chance of girlfriends becoming trending
  • [AWT-799] - Discover sex skills during conversation
  • [AWT-811] - Build property/create area/upgrade area now possible from level 3 and up
  • [AWT-809] - Now level 4 is needed to hire an npc from an agency
  • [AWT-808] - Start agency level limit highered to level 6
  • [AWT-800] - NPC profile contract tab enhancements for agency contracts


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[AWT-786] - Change career paths during agency contract hehe awesome

I wanted to suggest category filter as a feature for the video website. It seems more useful than tag filter tbh
I like to do my research before shooting a video and I often search category combinations, but its a pain in the butt with ctrl+f


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Thanks for the update. The new tag option on the search page makes things so much easier. I want to second what thehyena said about the icons too! :)