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Release notes Version 0.82 released - Hangout with guys, Penis enlargements, Vaginal rejuvenation, and more!


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Another release, pretty quickly after 0.81, which was a big one. This release is smaller but has a few features that are requested a lot. Especially about hanging out with males. This way you can higher their happiness, because the gift system also works for them!

Also, I added two new surgeries: Penis enlargement and Vaginal rejuvenation. I'll update the wiki to explain what they do.

Full release notes down below!

New Feature
  • [AWT-740] - Hangout with males
  • [AWT-741] - New surgery: Penis enlargement
  • [AWT-745] - New surgery: Vaginal rejuvenation
  • [AWT-743] - Chart with amount of professions
  • [AWT-724] - Dating site CMS feature: Allow 50 profiles
  • [AWT-746] - Notification for CMS customers on new release
  • [AWT-748] - XP thousand separator on NPC profile
  • [AWT-753] - Overwrite accomplishments if it's more special (squirting vs. fingering for example)
  • [AWT-755] - Notice about gifts just before starting date/hangout
  • [AWT-744] - Fix bodypart image selector on escort profiles (CMS feauture broken)
  • [AWT-751] - Bug with penis images


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Where is this chart with amount of professions? I didnt find it
Also, is circumcision and labia correction supposed to give +3 on superb result? I remember it said on wiki its +1, maybe its outdated info.
Great update, the hangout addition is awesome!