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Release notes Version 0.81 released - AWT subscription plans, enhanced notifications, new profession, new tags, charts


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Where to start.... Well, here it goes!!

AWT Subscriptions
I re-introduced the AWT Subscription system. This time, with three flavours: Premium, Premium Plus and VIP. Plans start at $2.99/month.

For all the benefits, check out this in-game page.

Enhanced notification system
A brand new notification system throughout the game! Never miss another notification. Even if you're offline, notifications are shown and marked as read as soon as you log in. And if you missed one, you can always check the historical notifications page.

Personal trainer profession
A personal trainer can do three types of treatments, regarding fitness, weight loss and weight gain.

See the wiki for all the details.

New tags
12 new body appearance related tags are added. They 6 of them need the rare 20 bodystat (without boosts included), the other 6 needs bodystat 3 or lower.

Aside, I also added Fitgirl/Fitboy tags. Check this wiki page to see how you can achieve those.

New trait: Eating disorder
If Happiness very low, there is a small chance of NPCs generating this trait. As a result, his/her body weight will increase over time. The trait will get removed automatically if happiness is high enough again.

This also means that if they reach specific body shapes, their body part images will change accordingly.

Charts!!! I love them. :) I replaced the boring ledger statistics with a chart, I added a chart for your personal videos, and two charts that are now two CMS features (Statistical chart per video and Statistical website chart, both only for video websites).

I also added a lot of new statistics, using the same chart library.

Except BUGS because of the size of this update. Please, please report these and make this a better game!

Full release notes down below!

New Feature
  • [AWT-725] - AWT Subscriptions
  • [AWT-732] - Enhanced notification system (with history)
  • [AWT-734] - New profession: Personal trainer
  • [AWT-730] - 12 new tags regarding body stats
  • [AWT-733] - New tags: Fitgirl / Fitboy
  • [AWT-735] - New trait: Eating disorder
  • [AWT-726] - AWT Coin transaction history
  • [AWT-727] - List of datacenters
  • [AWT-737] - Ledger chart
  • [AWT-738] - Video charts
  • [AWT-739] - New CMS features regarding graphs on websites
  • [AWT-729] - Extend Search with filter for own companies, and able to filter on nationality
  • [AWT-532] - More statistics
  • [AWT-728] - Uptime indicator for hosting providers and hosting services
  • [AWT-731] - Sexologist sessions ignores max skill potential


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The new subscriptions are looking really juicy 😮

Im sad my paypal still blocks my debit card. Not even that complicated thing I did last time with balance topup through Trustly worked this time. But its because my st00ped bank upgraded their online banking thingie to a new hipster thingie and Trustly says its not yet supported. Maybe it will work later this year


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From my observation increasing potential is not that common even with speciality