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Release notes Version 0.79 released - Cars, Airplanes, wiki, new profession, advanced forum integration, and much more


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Another quite big release today!

All the guides have been moved to a new forum feature, a wiki. This way every user can contribute to it. I encourage everyone to do so!

Modifier reward for login sprees
From now on, aside of gaining XP, you'll receive modifiers when you log in the game at least once a day. The rewards are as follows:

Second login day: Amateur camera crew
Third login day: Amateur sound crew
Fourth login day: Semi-professional camera crew
Fifth login day: Semi-professional sound crew
Sixth login day: Professional camera crew
Seventh login day: Both Professional sound crew and Professional camera crew

Makeup artist
A new profession with one treatment: Professional makeup. This makeup will last longer, won't take up a modifier slot, and have a very high temp face stat boost. Also, girls will never deny this treatment when offered.

You can now buy a car and an airplane to lower your travel waiting time!

You can use your car to travel within the same country, and you can use an airplane if both your current location and your destination has an airport.

Advanced forum integration
Your avatar will now become your girlfriend face image! (If you don't want this you can use a specific setting)

Also, your user title will be based off your game level, and your signature will get generated as well, with links to your user profile, your profession, and your girlfriend.

A new modifier that is useful to lower the pain gained during video recording.

New CMS features
Three new CMS features to develop: Website link colors, responsive design (will slightly boost views), and rating stars instead of numeric values.

Datacenter power outage
A new major failure that can occur at a datacenter. If this happens, the datacenter will be down for an hour, including all the servers in that datacenter. A datacenter owner can immediately deal with this failure when he sees it though.

GHB on dates
Girls will act as nymphos when they used GHB while on a date. :)

Full release notes down below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-697] - Wiki
  • [AWT-680] - Modifier reward for login sprees
  • [AWT-686] - New profession: Makeup artist
  • [AWT-682] - Buy an airplane
  • [AWT-683] - Buy a car
  • [AWT-690] - Advanced forum integration
  • [AWT-668] - New modifier: Painkiller
  • [AWT-684] - New CMS feature: website link color
  • [AWT-687] - New CMS feature: Responsive design
  • [AWT-688] - New CMS feature: rating stars
  • [AWT-689] - New failure: Datacenter power outage
  • [AWT-409] - Make GHB work on dates
  • [AWT-681] - Longer view generation for uploaded videos (2 months now)
  • [AWT-685] - Increase viewer count for webcam shows
  • [AWT-692] - Search filter: Career level (Thanks @Ovairedeterre )
  • [AWT-693] - Fix webcam session layout
  • [AWT-694] - Agency filter: Race (Thanks @Miles )
  • [AWT-696] - More useful personal mission insight on category/tags selection page of video (Thanks Ovaire)
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