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Release notes Version 0.78 released - Personal missions, new video website type, and much more!


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Another release with plenty of new stuff to explore. Main new features are the personal mission sequence, and you can now create a website dedicated to one actor!

Check out the full release info down below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-109] - Personal mission sequence
  • [AWT-659] - Video websites with one actor as subject
  • [AWT-660] - New trait: Perfect breasts
  • [AWT-673] - Theme choice for new users
  • [AWT-676] - Auto login on forums
  • [AWT-541] - Operating systems needs updates and upgrades
  • [AWT-646] - New treatment: "Boob job enhancement" (will possibly generate perfect breasts trait)
  • [AWT-650] - Sexologist's specialty skill trainings will higher potential skill
  • [AWT-661] - Video website index enhancements
  • [AWT-662] - New tag: Girlfriend
  • [AWT-663] - Able to date more often (4 hour expiration instead of server nightly process)
  • [AWT-664] - Significantly lower chance of getting pregnant
  • [AWT-666] - Have sex with your girlfriend without a date
  • [AWT-667] - Limit sex to one hour for users and for actors/models
  • [AWT-670] - User's clinic list on profile links to clinic (and treatments are visible there)
  • [AWT-671] - Able to cancel agency contract
  • [AWT-672] - Search with price filter
  • [AWT-674] - Girlfriend won't know you cheat as long as you're not in the same town
  • [AWT-669] - Message notifications disappear sometimes
  • [AWT-651] - Bug in poses with face images (face image not showing)
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