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Release notes Version 0.77 released - HUGE release! Professions, clinics, new countries, much more


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It's been a while but I'm back as ever. ;) Major new features in this release.

Become a Surgeon, Sexologist or Body piercer, start your own clinic and add treatments!! More info regarding professions here.

Note: Before you start a profession, just a reminder that you will NOT be able to make appointments with your own contacts.

Sexual accomplishments
Show off your sexual accomplishments on your profile: Unlocked for every girl/bodypart you've had some sexual encounters with!

New rarity level "Legendary", just above Epic
Currently implemented for sexual accomplishments, modifiers and career levels

Three new countries, 8 new towns
Sweden, Brazil and Thailand. Some countries have higher chances of meeting transgenders.

Pubic preference redesigned
Pubic preference is not using modifiers anymore, but it's more of a stat for every actor/model. Both active and passive shaving actions give the same bodystat enhancement. (default shaved vs. using a modifier)

A lot of QoL enhancements
Nicer tutorial window, transfer to current town button on actor profile, overview on travel page, no more empty face images on your profile

Full release notes down below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-313] - Start a clinic
  • [AWT-628] - Professions
  • [AWT-624] - New profession: Sexologist
  • [AWT-636] - New profession: Surgeon
  • [AWT-638] - New profession: Body piercer
  • [AWT-632] - Sexual accomplishments
  • [AWT-633] - New rarity level "Legendary"
  • [AWT-637] - Legendary modifiers
  • [AWT-651] - New country: Sweden
  • [AWT-653] - New country: Thailand
  • [AWT-654] - New country: Brazil
  • [AWT-658] - Overview on travel page
  • [AWT-626] - Min sale price at webshop now 200
  • [AWT-627] - Change sexual orientation icon size on npc profile
  • [AWT-629] - Hairy/Shaved/Trimmed attribute instead of traits
  • [AWT-631] - Achievement remembers face images
  • [AWT-634] - Filter statistics by gender
  • [AWT-635] - Legendary career levels
  • [AWT-639] - Sterilization now for females as well
  • [AWT-640] - Transfer to button on actor profile
  • [AWT-641] - Professions: appointments generated by system
  • [AWT-645] - Enhance tutorial dialog
  • [AWT-647] - New tag: Goddess
  • [AWT-648] - 3 new achievements (sex on date related)
  • [AWT-652] - Different Shemale generation chance per country
  • [AWT-656] - Gender chances overhaul (some country specific)
  • [AWT-625] - Video record - join pose missing choices
  • [AWT-630] - Girl getting pregnant even when man is sterilized/having condom
  • [AWT-655] - Unable to use Search for Cup AA to Cup AA
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