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Release notes Version 0.65 released - Body parts visible during webcam session, more session actions, and webcam model control mode!


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This stuff should be part of the first release, but it wasn't quite finished. Now it is. :)

Webcam model control mode
You can now let your model control the show. He/she will perform an automatic, random action of the available actions at that time, with one minute in between.

See body parts in video on certain moments
Most of the actions now show the image of the corresponding bodypart.

1544912734615.png 1544912787919.png

More actions
What about thrusting your fingers and toys further in? And fisting? All possible now!

New Feature
  • [AWT-466] - Webcam session - Webcam model control mode
  • [AWT-449] - Webcam session - See body parts in video on certain moments
  • [AWT-451] - Webcam session - More actions
  • [AWT-465] - Hide deleted websites from office dropdown
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