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Release notes Version 0.64 released - A lot of webcam session enhancements


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Quickest release after a release I think, and full of new options. Have fun!

Change webcam profile image / Webcam profile description
You can now customize a cam girl's profile by choosing the bodypart image as the profile picture.
You can also provide the profile with some description.

Webcam session enhancements
You can now record your webcam session! If you do that, it will create a video you can upload to a website. There are some requirements:
  1. Session has to be at least 10 minutes long
  2. You have to perform at least 10 actions
  3. You have to use video category specific actions (like using a toy, undressing, etc)
There are now also two webcam session awards: One for the best rated webcam session, and one for the one who ended the session with the most viewers.

Nerf / boost
XP gain during photoshoots is lowered, and XP gain during video recording is highered.

  • [AWT-448] - New award: Best webcam session of the day / week
  • [AWT-450] - Change webcam profile image
  • [AWT-452] - Webcam session - record session and create a video
  • [AWT-453] - Webcam session - Random replies about rating
  • [AWT-454] - Webcam session - Premium members see vaginal/clitoral/anal arousement
  • [AWT-455] - Nerf XP gain during photoshoots
  • [AWT-456] - Boost XP gain during video creation
  • [AWT-458] - Webcam session - genital description can be 'pierced'
  • [AWT-460] - Unlock age if used in photoshoot or webcam session
  • [AWT-462] - Webcam profile description
  • [AWT-463] - New award: Most viewed webcam session of the day / week
  • [AWT-464] - Camgirls getting "stuck" after website failure (datacenter down, etc)
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Great lil patch! Great work as always :D