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Release notes Version 0.63 released - webcam sessions, GTH changes, and more!


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Hi guys,

It's been a while since the latest release, but here it goes. Quite a big release with a new major feature!

The highlights:

Cam websites / Webcam sessions
This was the most wanted feature, so I respected that and I started working on this feature a while ago. And now it's finished. Really looking forward to some feedback.

You can now host your own webcam sessions! You are in control of the webcam model, and it's your task to get lots of viewers and cash in the tips.

Quick overview:
  • In control of the webcam session
  • Real-time sessions
  • A.I. will request certain actions
  • Other users are able to chat as well
  • Subscribers
  • New career path (Webcam model)
  • New website type
  • Logical action possibilities. Eg. You are not able to pinch nipples while she is still wearing a bra. :)
  • Use a toy during the session
  • Get aroused and cum live on camera
  • No lists integrated (eg. no anal actions when Anal is on her no list)
  • Traits integrated (eg. some special actions for models with specific traits)
  • Webcam sessions are available for all genders
  • Website latency integrated (low latency will cause buffering errors)
  • Realistic bandwidth usage based on the amount of viewers and the streaming quality
Read more about it the webcam session guide.

Game Time Hours (GTH) redesign
From now on, there is no nightly server process that resets the amount of GTH back to 24. Instead, the amount of GTH generated every whole hour is increased. The new values are:

  • Non-premium users get +4 GTH every hour, with a maximum of 24
  • Premium users get +8 GTH every hour, with a maximum of 48
This way, the timezone you're in compared to the server is not giving you a (dis)advantage anymore.

And more...
Finally, you won't forget your mission payouts anymore: An auto-finish system has been implemented, comparable to the photoshoot job system. One caveat is that you can now only have one mission active at a time. Something to get used to.

New players now can choose their girlfriend's starting career. Of course, some background information is added so that new users can make a good choice.

Finally, you can now write down some notes on your contacts. These notes pop-up at the video actor selection screen if you hover the image, same with the screen where you choose the models for a photoshoot.

Full release notes down below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-108] - Cam websites / Webcam sessions
  • [AWT-431] - GTH (Game Time Hours) redesigned. Higher hourly GTH increase, nightly GTH increase removed.
  • [AWT-441] - Auto-finish mission (like Photoshoot job)
  • [AWT-436] - Choose girlfriend career path
  • [AWT-158] - Personal notes for actor
  • [AWT-442] - Allow only one mission at at time (because of auto-finish mission)
  • [AWT-423] - Able to change agency name
  • [AWT-424] - Bodypart image assignment more random
  • [AWT-425] - Lower clothing durability during photoshoot
  • [AWT-426] - Premium mission will no longer have uncommon modifier rewards
  • [AWT-427] - Non-premium missions will no longer have common modifier rewards
  • [AWT-428] - Enforce agency limit with vacancies and agency buyouts
  • [AWT-429] - Able to rotate images in Image processor
  • [AWT-433] - Able to transfer actors/models between owned agencies
  • [AWT-437] - Make girlfriend clothing persistent
  • [AWT-438] - Give epic clothing a part (instead of 'special')
  • [AWT-439] - Image processor - Autoreload on type change
  • [AWT-445] - Change and filter date location dropdown
  • [AWT-446] - Sunbathe modifier expire hours change (8 -> 24)
  • [AWT-417] - Model work requirement not checked for all models
  • [AWT-430] - Able to add more than 4 models to photoshoot (by force)
  • [AWT-432] - Nickname modifier not always checking for names in use
  • [AWT-434] - Agency contract contacts should not get extended on dates, jobs etc
  • [AWT-435] - Able to visit deleted website videos (if you had the URL)
  • [AWT-443] - Fix date sorting on Intelligence page
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Wow you can also type in the chat during the webshow! What wizardry is this?
I am amazed at your programmer skills I have no idea how you made all of this alone (the game, the image processor, the game as a whole)
Hats off to you Mr Colin :giggle:


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You could have tease us a bit before the update. :p
I'll give it a try when I get a live model, and keep looking for bugs. But seems to be a great job so far. Congrats


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No need for now. I can wait until you add the feature. :)

I've disabled the registration, it seems that I can still register myself. So it should be OK until I figure if my bandwith is large enought.


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If you have suggestions for additional webcam actions please let me know!