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Release notes Version 0.61 released - Vacancies, video series system, new traits, and much more!


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Hi guys,

Next release already! With again, some stuff you will definitely love.

Agency vacancy system
An advanced system where you can create vacancies to fulful specific needs. It's too much to just explain this new system in the release notes. You'll figure it out, I'm sure!

You need an agency for this. You can find the option in the left context menu of the office.

Video series system (sequels)
With this system comes some more realism. Because everybody knows, there are specific porn videos that have the same categories over and over. Until now, you were punished in the video rating because you were not original enough.

With the video series system, you can create a video serie, such as: Anal Teen Whores. You choose Anal and Teen as the video serie categories. When you create a video and choose this serie, the correct name will get automatically generated, such as: Anal Teen Whores Vol. 4, Anal Teen Whores #8, etc etc. The naming convention is something you can choose from a list.

Videos created as a video serie WON'T get punished by the rating system anymore, regarding originality. You can still get bad ratings though, if you use actors that have been in the series before.

New traits
Three new traits to explore! Nympho's are a special kind of people. They will NEVER reject your sexual intentions and they will always have an empty NO list. However their chance of having an STD is much higher.

The Polyamorous and Faithful traits have impact of the chance of breaking up with you if you cheat on them. Polyamorous girls will never break up with you, and Faithful girls have a much higher chance that they will.

New Make-up modifiers
There are now three make-up modifiers. A common one, an uncommon one, and a rare one. The existing one is nerfed to +1 face stat, and is renamed to "Simple make-up".

Actor/model party limitation
I noticed the same girls won awards over and over. So from now on, a girl can only join to a party once a week. Purely to give other people a chance to win awards. :)

Filters for image processor
It was released already, but for who didn't notice it: You can now filter the images you want to process by race and bodypart.

Full release notes down below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-396] - Agency vacancy system
  • [AWT-402] - Video series system (sequels)
  • [AWT-370] - New trait: Nympho
  • [AWT-399] - New traits: Polyamorous and Faithful
  • [AWT-410] - New Make-up modifiers
  • [AWT-413] - Filters for image processor (under settings)
  • [AWT-129] - Lower salary demand for male porn actors
  • [AWT-403] - Celebrity progress for models
  • [AWT-400] - Anorexic / Very thin characters should not generate big breasts very often
  • [AWT-314] - Wholesale screen enhancements
  • [AWT-401] - Move "Search for suitable models" to the left context menu
  • [AWT-404] - Actors can join a party once a week
  • [AWT-406] - Game better optimized for mobile devices
  • [AWT-412] - Image processor: Lower XP reward
  • [AWT-408] - Rebalanced salary demands
  • [AWT-405] - "A property is sold" message sent to the new owner instead of the old owner
  • [AWT-407] - Nude models could perform in nude and regular photoshoot without cooldown period
  • [AWT-411] - Immaculate conception (a virgin with the pregnant trait)


I have a question about vacancies. What is the advantage of setting the expiration period to seven days as opposed to three days?


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A mini release with some bug fixes:
  • Able to delete vacancies
  • Vacancy face images were disappearing
  • Hired employees were sometimes deleted right after employing them