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Release notes Version 0.59 released - GUI changes, search actors option, statistics, new trait, and more!


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Proud of the next release of Adult Website Tycoon. Version 0.59.

Bye bye bottom navigation bar
Biggest change is the removal of the bottom navigation bar. From all the feedback I got, that bar was ofter looked over. Now there is a new menu on the left, called the context menu. All the options you used to find in the bottom are now shown in this menu. It took my about an hour to get used to it, but now I don't want to go back. :)

Search actors/models
Anoter big new feature is that you now can search for actors and models using the new search feature. It searches all available agency actors/models worldwide, so you can look up your wanted trait, specialty, etc, to match your mission or find the best actor for the job.

Another new feature is the Statistics option. Currently pretty basic, but will add more stuff there in the future.

Girlfriend career switch
From this release, you are able to ask your girlfriend to switch careers as well.

'Hates pubic hair' trait
Ever person with this trait will shave themselves, permanently!

Full release notes below.

New Feature
  • [AWT-355] - Statistics
  • [AWT-373] - Search agency actors / models
  • [AWT-378] - New trait: Hates pubic hair (will have a permanent shave modifier)
  • [AWT-369] - Persuade girlfriend to move to another career
  • [AWT-371] - Replace bottom navbar with side menu
  • [AWT-381] - Jobs left column in contact list
  • [AWT-368] - Rebalance GTH requirements
  • [AWT-362] - Optimize intelligence page
  • [AWT-366] - Make it more clear what costs GTH
  • [AWT-367] - Missing bodyparts job should also check race / age / stat etc
  • [AWT-372] - Higher photoshoot profit
  • [AWT-375] - Speed up GTH regeneration
  • [AWT-377] - Beauty trait enhances photoshoot subject quality
  • [AWT-379] - Limit contracts in agency (20)
  • [AWT-374] - Cup AA was never generated
  • [AWT-376] - Photoshoots were ended immediately for people outside of server timezone (doh..)