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Trait guide


Big boss
Likes Big boobs videos
Actors/models can have one or multiple traits. This guide explains what the benefits (and cons..) are.

Asshole piercing
Gives +1 asshole stat.

Athletic physique
Stamina is drained less quickly during video recording

Has high face stat


Generates bubble butt tag. When removed using surgery, the ass will get +2 stat.

Clitoris piercing
Gives +1 pussy stat.

Cocksucking champion
Has a very high blowjob sex skill

Cum lover
Some actions and events get a better rating.

Deepthroat queen
Has a high blowjob sex skill, increases rating of specific actions during video recording

Easy learner
Can learn sex skills up to +3 instead of +1.

Extreme gag reflex
Will gag faster and more extreme

Will have a high chance of leaving you as your girlfriend when you cheat on her.

Fake boobs
Had surgery to increase her breast size

Foreplay enthousiast
Has a high foreplay sex skill

Has a high fucking sex skill

High blowjob skill. Never anal virgin.

Asshole stat will get +2 if removed

Huge penis
Generates Big (black) cock tags.

Innie pussy
Pussy type. Young girls have a higher chance of having one.

Large labia
Pussy type. Older women have a higher chance of having one.

Generates higher licking sex skill

Multi orgasmic
Is able to orgasm multiple times in a row during a video recording

Natural squirter
Higher chance of squirting during video recording

Nipple piercing
+1 for chest or breasts when applied

No gag reflex
Will never gag during recording

Will have very high sex skills. But also a higher chance of STD's.

Perfect ass
High ass stat

Perfect asshole
High asshole stat

Perfect breasts
High breasts stat

Perfect body
High body stat overall (except face)

Perfect pussy
High pussy stat

Won't be bothered if you cheat on her as your girlfriend

When having unprotected penetration, there is a chance that a girl gets pregnant. You can use a pregnancy test to make sure. Rating is decreased when a video is not tagged as Pregnant. Removable with Abortion modifier.

Prince Albert Piercing
+1 stat for the penis

Smooth dancer
High dancing skill

Stage fright
Low acting skill

Unable to get pregnant or make someone pregnant. Obtainable using the Sterilization surgery modifier.

Tongue piercing
No stat increase, but usable in missions etc.

Tongue talented
High licking skill

Uncut penis
Removable by performing circumcision surgery. Get +1 penis stat if trait is removed.
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