Support request


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As there is no Support forum, I am opening the thread here.

While I was gone for some time, my cash was slowly spent and now I don't have any.

Having financial problems?
It seems you're having financial problems again.
Please do not make a new account, but instead create a thread here, and ask for support. The staff of AWT will look into it as soon as possible.

Received this message.
Can anyone help?


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I'm not an admin. But maybe we can help a bit as peer players. Please consider setting your agency fees and clinic fees to the maximum. I searched for some of your agency actors, but the agency fees are very low so it will not help you as much.

If some other players have time to hire his agency actors to give him some fees:

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Profile of Aline Laurier - Adult Website Tycoon
Profile of Anaëlle Ouellet - Adult Website Tycoon
Profile of Annaëlle Domengeaux - Adult Website Tycoon
Profile of Fanny Crespelle - Adult Website Tycoon
Profile of Héléna Schmitt - Adult Website Tycoon
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q4276 is right. I've helped a few players before the restart that way. Just hiring actors and instantly cancelling the contract allows a quite quick money transfer between players, as long as the fees are not low budget ;)

Put your agency fees high to 100 k and send me a PM(<- that way i know that you already have raised your fees without having to look all the time) which includes how much money you need to get safe again. Since i am usually online each day, i'll promise that you won't have to wait too long, and i am able to spend a few millions ;)

But if we don't manage to help as community for any reason, then send a PM to Ovaire2terre . Not sure if the title "Admin" fits (sounds a bit to "official" to me), but he is the person here, who is most close to that. Just keep in mind he doesn't get paid and keeps the system running since we don't have anyone else for that, so stay nice, even when it needs a bit longer ;)