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STD prevention


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since i noticed a few new players in this game, i think it is a good idea to write a few words about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

I admit, that i am not sure if STDs have other effect than just existing, but i don't want to find it out, by testing ;) So i like to keep my house clean of them, and in fact they are quite easy to avoid.

Before making a movie it is possible to add modifiers to an actor, just use a STD test there. You can get that tests from webstores. They aren't expensive and reliable. The result is transmitted to you as a message from the system, but you can usually find it in the profile's first page of the actor too (This second option doesn't work when you hire an actor via vacancy who is infected, i already posted that in the bug forum a while ago).
If you have an infected actor then just replace him with another one until you have a cure for that certain disease (Or just use that actor with others that already have the same disease). That way the disease at least can't spread.

When it comes to anything related to anal then enemas are a special way of STD prevention. You can get them at the webshops too and they are usually even cheaper than the STD tests. Enemas work preventive against E.coli bacteria infections. E.coli bacteria can, as far as i know, also spread (If they cannot, then someone please correct me).


There is no other regular way for STD-Treatment than using antidotes, which are rare modifiers. So there are a few ways to gain them, but getting them is mostly random.
You can get them

  • when you level up
  • rarely you find video missions with antidotes as reward
  • as a special reward for high quality photoshoot missions (that ones you find in the city menu below the "model work" button)
Finally i'd say that the photoshoot missions are the best source, so my advice is:

Do at least 1 or 2 photoshoot missions each day and get used of STD prevention. Then STDs shouldn't be a big problem.

Do that photoshoots in a as big as possible photostudio (you can rent such one for usually less than 1 k ), and use professional models. Then a high quality is very easy to reach (almost automatically, you just have to concentrate on the focus). I think it was a rating of 90 that is needed for a rare modifier as special reward, but there i am not sure. (If someone else knows exactly, please add this below)


Level 45 Master
Great information on the photo shoots. Thanks for sharing.

STDs on the actors will negatively impact the video rating. You will see negative comments.

You can also use condoms to prevent infection, but it might not be worth it because I think you will still get negative ratings on the movie.

I suggest always STD test every actor you hire from an agency or new hire. Always use enema modifiers for every video with any sort of anal actions.


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For someone who can't see the images when doing photo shoots it is quite difficult to ensure you have a very high rating to get those antidotes but I remain hopeful.

I always use an enema for an anal movie and will STD test my actors every now and then but think doing it more is a good idea.

I might be mistaken but doesn' the fresh shower token also help with this? Shower before or after every movie and chances of getting an STD is reduced?