Statement Regarding Ownership of AWT


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Hi Everyone, I am writing to you to let you know of my intention of handing the reigns of AWT over to somebody that is interested in taking control of the domain.

The truth is, I stopped playing the game last summer. I haven't been on/active in quite some time and at the moment my personal and professional life doesn't afford me the time to once play and contribute like I once did and maybe one day in the future would like to again.

It was great to be part of the group of us that saved this game from extinction when we contributed our own money and took it over from Colin. I'm hoping the community has grown in the time I've been away and the same spirit is there.

I made a commitment when we all came together that I would fork out the monthly fee to keep the server online and even though I haven't been playing, I believed the right thing to do was to continue paying the monthly fee until the yearly renewal of the domain was due. That day is February 25th 2023. So hopefully by then someone will be keen to take over.

Essentially what you'll need to do is pay roughly $12 per month for the server and the yearly domain fee. Which if memory serves me was around $24. Other than that, Ovairedeterre looks after the technical side of things but if the interested person wanted to be more involved in the coding side of things then you'll have to speak with him about helping out.

I'm not looking for any compensation and will transfer the domain free of charge.

Unfortunately if no one comes forward and takes this on, it will mean the end of AWT. I don't want that and I'm sure all of the loyal players here don't either.

I'll be available to contact here through PM and on the AWT discord if you are a member on there.

Happy New Year folks. I hope it's a good one.



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Thank you for your service

Welp, we got roughly 2 months to figure this out

Anyone interested in ownership? You will own the domain name Will have to pay the monthly hosting cost.
In theory, any money from players that buy subscription or AWT coins will go to you, to help pay the hosting cost.

We kinda stagnated this year and didnt advertise anywhere to get new players, some of those might become regulars and increase the player base

For any new people, invite code for Discord


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It was fun while it lasted. I'm way too busy unfortunately and only log in every now and then to keep my account active.

Let's hope someone is willing.



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Hi everyone, just wanted to give everyone an update as to what is happening.

So far, nobody has expressed interest in taking over the domain/server of AWT. It's just over two weeks before the domain will expire.

If anyone is interested, again you will be the owner of the domain . You would be responsible for monthly server costs of $12 and the annual domain renewal of approx $24. However, any money from players purchasing AWT coins / subscriptions would go to you to help pay for these costs.

If anyone is interested or has any questions about this, please DM me Discord or on AWT.

If not, I wish everyone a happy final two weeks playing AWT.



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I played this game a little a few years back and stumbled on this, although it appears my old acct got deleted. I can buy in for a years worth of server time if the offer is still available.


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@Trespasser8 your old account got deleted because last year (feb 2022) we took over the game from Colin (the original creator).
We did a fresh install on a new server and for privacy reasons we didnt take over the database with users and emails. So everyone had to make a new account.
This version of the game is a community version


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Once again this game finds a way to live on! no1mafiaman has assumed control of the domain and the server and the domain has been renewed for another year.

This community is loyal and dedicated to the cause. I sincerely hope that the gane can truly grow under new management and reach the heights where we all believe it can.

Congratulations to no1mafiaman and get back to making great content for your companies. Crisis over! Thanks guys!


P.S please refrain from purchasing any premium subscriptions until the new PayPal account from the new management is implemented!
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