New Ownership and Subscription Pricing


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Hi all

As you may be aware from discord and TheBlacklist's post I have taken over the domain and server for AWT. I have renewed the domain for another year and put it on automatic renewal as well, so the site is safe for the foreseeable future.

I have also made changes to the payment structure for subscriptions, these aren't shown on the site just yet but when you click the pay button you will be taken to the upgrade page, no changes have been made to the benefits of each tier but given how crappy the world is right now and cost of living is going up I made the decision to reduce the prices!

Prices are now as follows:

Premium: $1.99
Premium Plus: $2.99
VIP: $5.99

Hope you all still enjoy the game and thank you!

Just FYI. Coin purchases are still down


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