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Big boss
Likes Big boobs videos
Every country has a random amount of missions to complete.

Every mission has specific demands. Let's look at an example:

Dildo in the basement
Description: Record a video in England, including 'Dildo' during recording. It has to be recorded in the basement.
Premium No
Payment $ 12.500,00
Claimed No
The description states pretty clear what the objective is. In this case, you should record a video, with the Dildo modifier, and the recording location should be in a basement. It doesn't matter which basement, as long as it is in England. :)

If you think you can complete this mission, ACCEPT THE MISSION FIRST, before you start recording the movie! Because it will validate on the creation date of the video.

Also, when you fail to complete the mission, you will have to pay 10 % of the payment for breaching a contract.