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Minute/hourly/nightly/weekly processes


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Several processes are ran every x minutes/hours/days/weeks. This is a sum up to understand the game better.

Every 10 seconds
Process webcam sessions

Every minute
New views for all videos
CPU load / bandwidth throughput calculation
Website latency multiplier gets recalculated

Every ten minutes
Video comments get generated.

Every hour
Website ranking
Updates contacts
Updates agency contracts
Updates actor modifiers
Updates missions/jobs (expiring and creating new ones)
Creates and handles parties when applicable

Every night
System controlled agencies will get processed, and uncontracted actors might get replaced by other ones.
Date amounts reset (player date limit and daily actor limit)
Travel tokens get generated when players have less than 10.000.
Cleans up old transactions.
Rewards player with most viewed video of the day
Hosting costs are billed (website -> hostingprovider and hostingprovider -> datacenter)

Every week
Generates trending video categories and production levels