Fixed Hourly processor stopped, and some other


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Sorry for duplicate my bug report from discord, but from 26.05 there has been no response or confirmation and the problems have remained the same. So I am not sure that a competent person knows about them.
Looks like video viewer counter has stopped working.
When I analyse revenue cycles from video adverts, i see that the problem started just after midnight, when the server started counting revenue every two hours instead of every hour, ignoring the cycles between, also failed to account revenue from missing cycles ( did not add them up collectively, but ignored them completely ).
Ok, now i am sure - hourly processor works one hour, then hangs up for another hour, after which it activate operation for a one-hour cycle and then goes into inactive mode again. 27.05 edit - even more bugs. Actors have blocked skills gains from yesterday ( i mean controling orgasm, acting etc - if gain something yesterday, today this is no longer possible as the game has not entered the new day cycle. It is not only a loss of development opportunities for actors, but it is also impossible to arrange for such an actor to be treated by a sexologist, because actor say -" i have learned something today", even if last movie is recorded day ago ) In addition, revenue as "clothing brand", but not only, judging by the lack of transfer and CMS costs for the owned www, prostitution income from owned escorts agency is bugged also - zero income form brand, zero costs. No reward for every day logging, GTH refreshing rate works in 50% - not every hour i mean. It seems that the game has gone into serious instability mode since yesterday.