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Happiness Management


Level 29 Expert
Any ideas why this guy turned into such a crybaby on the set? I had to edit out about 3 bouts of crying haha. I see his happiness is low, but it's unclear why or what I can do about it. Happiness does not appear to normalize over time, and doesn't appear to be interactive for male actors. How do other players manage actor happiness?

I confirmed his orientation is straight. He's got several unknown no-list entries, but voiced no objections during filming. His screen partner was admittedly old enough to be his mother, but she had a face stat of 20 and it's not like she was fat or something. I did make him use a condom. I guess some guys would cry over that in real life.



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Is happiness is low, so there's several chances to trigger a crying event. It's not related to the action/other characters in the movie record.
In order to increase his happiness, you'll have to make him cum. But good luck, since he has high orgasm control stats..