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Diseases and pregnancy


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There are 7 diseases in the game.

Using the STD test modifier, you can track down the diseases the actor has on that moment.

If an actor is penetrating another actor, it has a chance of infecting another actor. Also, if performing anal actions without performing an enema beforehand, there is a chance of an E.Coli infection.

The rating of a video is hugely impacted when an actor has a disease.

For mostly all the diseases in the game, there are Antibiotics modifiers you can give to an actor, that will cure the disease.

Female actors can get pregnant if:
  • They are getting penetrated by a penis
  • There is no condom used
  • They are not already pregnant
  • They are not on birth control pills
  • Penetrating (she)male is not sterilized
  • Female is not sterilized
Being pregnant is bad for the video rating, except for the Pregnant category.
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