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Business types guide


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Players can start several kind of businesses, depending on their user level.

Some businesses are specializations. A user can only have one specialization.

Town lot properties (level 1, $ depending on property)
Players can build properties in towns, and then record videos there or rent the property to other players:
  • Apartment ($ 80.000)
  • Office ($ 160.000)
  • House ($ 225.000)
  • Villa ($ 700.000)
  • Mansion ($ 8.000.000)
  • Café ($ 9.000.000) (non rentable)
  • Swimming pool (15.000.000) (non rentable)
  • Night club (18.000.000) (non rentable)
  • Hotel (25.000.000)
Every type has different space to build additional areas, such as a video recording area.

Website (level 3, $ 0)
A website can be started so that players can upload videos on it. It's possible to change several settings such as the required video category, the advertisement payout percentage, and if videos need to be approved first before they are published.

A website will need a hosting provider to operate, and the website owner will have to pay a price for used bandwidth and used storage to the hosting provider.

Adult Agency (level 4, $ 50.000)
There are several computer controlled agencies in the game, but players are able to start their own. Actors will demand a cut of the income for themselves, and stranger contacts can be asked to join the agency.

Hosting provider (level 6, $ 50.000) (specialization)
Players are able to start their own hosting provider, and they will be able to offer shared hosting or dedicated servers. They have to buy servers and place them in a datacenter.

Hosting providers will have to pay a price for the used rackspace, as well as the used bandwidth, depending on the datacenter.

Webdesign company (level 6, $ 0) (specialization)
With a webdesign company you can build and sell CMS systems to other users.

Datacenter (level 10, $ 250.000)
Players are able to start their own datacenter, so that hosting providers can put their servers into the datacenter's rackspace.

Datacenter owners will need to upgrade their datacenter if needed which will cost a lot of money.
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