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Actor/Video modifiers guide


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There are several modifiers that you can apply on actors and videos. Currently there are 44 different modifiers to discover.

These modifiers have different rarity levels: Uncommon, Common, Rare, and Epic.

Actor modifiers
Actors have modifier slots. Depending on the slot, a specific modifier can be applied.

There are also modifiers that CREATES a new modifier slot.

Modifiers will sometimes enhance an actor temporary, such as the Freshly showered modifier (The actor takes a fresh shower and gives all the body parts +1 bonus stat)
Other modifiers will give a temporary penalty to the actor, but when it expires the actor has better stats than before. Eg the Breast surgery modifier will give a penalty to the actor stats, but after it expires (24 hours), the breast stat will be permanently upgraded, as well as the cup size. The actor will, in this case, also get the Fake boobs trait.

Specific modifiers such as Breast surgery can only be applied by the player which owns the contract.

Video modifiers
These act a bit different. Videos do not have slots, and can be added infinite. They mostly enhance the video rating such as the Amateur camera crew, but sometimes they have another impact, such as the Condoms modifier. It will lower the video rating slightly, but it will prevent diseases and pregnancy.

How to obtain modifiers
Each time the user levels up, they get a random pack of modifiers. The higher the level, the higher chance of rare/epic modifiers.

Also, you can get a modifier pack if you choose the modifier pack gift.
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