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Actor guide


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Finding actors
Actors can be found in different ways.

Starting actor (your girlfriend)
This is a mid tier actor which you can record an infinite amount of videos with. Also, for free.

She will be shown on your user profile.

You are able to change girlfriends, see another guide for more info.

A girlfriend contact will never expire.

Talking to strangers
You can talk to strangers, until you have depleted your GTH.

These actors are mostly low tier, but not always. Premium members have a higher chance of meeting higher tier actors by talking to strangers.

The conversation will not always end in a positive way. They can walk away and stop the conversation, or ask for money for their videos. If you are lucky, they want to do the first one for free.

A contact will expire after one week without any contact (date, recording a video).

Contracting by an adult agency
Cities can have an adult agency. Also, players can start one themselves.

At an agency, a list of contractable actors is shown. You can approach an actor and set up a contract. You will have to pay a specific agency fee, and a price per video recorded. This price per video is paid after recording the movie. If the contract expires and you still had videos left on the contract, this remaining amount is paid to the agency after the contract expires.

Getting a premium gift
One of the gifts you can choose for becoming premium is getting a high tier actor in your contacts. You get 5 videos before the contract is ended.

Actor information
Every actor has different body part stats and special stats such as virginity status, traits, specialties and a no list.

When you meet a stranger, mostly of these stats have to be discovered first. You can do that by dating them, asking them questions, or discovering them while recording a video.

Body stats
Depending on the gender, relevant body stats apply. The stat is between 0 and 20, but can be (temporary) enhanced by modifiers. Depending on the video category, the stats have an impact on the video rating.

In the game, actors are generated with the age between 18 and 45. As you could guess, a 40 year old actor in a Teen movie won't get such high ratings.

Most of the towns are in countries with Caucasian race actors, but for example Japan has a very high chance of actors being Asian.

After having sex with an actor, or after recording a movie, the stamina will go down. If you record a video with actors with low stamina, will get a less high rating because of it.

This value is based on how well known an actor is. 5 points can be earned:

1. An actor has earned more than $ 100.000 recording videos.
2. An actor has more than 1.000.000 views in total of all uploaded videos.
3. An actor recorded 10 or more videos.
4. Has an award (Queen of the Party award does not count)
5. Has at least two other celebrity points already, AND has an average body stat over 15.

Higher celebrity status means that the actor will ask for more money per video. However, it's a major boost for the amount of views.

Actors can be a virgin, or an anal virgin. When used properly (using the First time video category), it gives a huge video rating boost. But of course this can be done only once, because the virginity status will change.

Traits are permanent, and can have a positive and negative effect. Some traits can be obtained after performing a surgery, such as the Breast surgery modifier. That one will generate the Fake boobs trait.

Another example is the Lesbian trait. This one gives a positive effect on a Lesbian category video.

If an actor has a specialty, it gives a huge boost on the video rating if the actor is in a video with that category.

NO list
This is a list of categories the actor will never perform.
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