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A few more ideas


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Some of these may have already been mentioned

in no particular order... apart from the STD one
  • STD Clinics possibly as a profession or even hospitals (another location to do shoots at) STDs are a major pain in the ass... or crotch but it shouldn't take away from the challenge of the game, however the insane rarity of antibiotics is just bad, it's almost like there was an apocalypse happening. :mad:
  • Contact list filter: Filter by contract type, gender, sexuality and maybe even a name filter like the browser list.
  • Own web site links: Possibility of a button in the office so we can go directly to our own websites with out having to go through the management page or finding them on the browse websites list list
  • Account management options: The ability to delete your own account,
    • Maybe change username (that one is wishful thinking and only because I f'ed up my user name on account creation lol)
  • Expanding the BDSM scene: More toys and equipment in dungeons
  • Porn actors using more than one item at a time i.e. vibrator and butt plug
  • Expanding the escorts/prostitute scene:
    • Have npcs visit them
    • Allow players to create brothels
  • decimal and date format settings. commas as decimal points confuses the hell out of me every time.
  • Ability to delete videos completely, I've started and stopped some then saved them without realising they were zero length :rolleyes:
  • NPCs keeping the clothes you assign them while they are in a contract with you
    • If they are in your agency they, or you drop their contract then they return to their original clothing.
@Colin I know you don't have much time available to sink into the game now, but the core is there why not see if there are other developers willing to donate some time?
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