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  1. thehyena

    Can we get this dating website back? It was probably a custom made one. Maybe the code is still there or idk how Colin filtered out only exgirlfriends
  2. thehyena

    Escort service manager

    I found something interesting in dark mode that doesnt exist in light mode. There is actually prostitute/escort portrait pic on the escort manager page. But its way too small. Its at a normal size only when I zoom out at 75% I think with a bit of tinkering with the dimmensions it could be...
  3. thehyena

    Best viewed video of the day award

    The award for best viewed, given at 00:00 server time (not related to party). Shouldnt this award be written on the video's page too Maybe because its not exactly an award, but it would be pretty cool if it was written there too Edit: Actually it is an award. It says it is in the message...
  4. thehyena

    Multiple penetration/ Double penetration

    I remembered this was on my wish list Would be nice if you could add new actions to poses to have anal and pussy penetration at the same time or even double penetration in the same hole. Maybe some modified doggy style position to be able to do oral, pussy and anal simultaneously
  5. thehyena

    Minor Workout Token

    Seems like Workout token modifier always fails below normal weight
  6. thehyena

    Clothing for some video combinations

    For Anal/Ass Licking I have the girl in sexy clothing and the males naked. - Viewing Her Rumpus Is Scrumptious - Sirine - Adult Website Tycoon Is this a bug or intended, comments saying clothing is good and bad. What clothing types are there except Casual, Sexy, Classy. Do some...
  7. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery button typo

    Start surgery button says it costs 2 GTH. It actually costs 1 GTH
  8. thehyena

    Fixed Website banner upload error

    Error 500 Description: Internal Server Error Server time: 06-Mar-2022 21:33:40 URL: Request uri: /game/website/manager/ Error while uploading website banner. Probably same reason brand upload...
  9. thehyena

    Minor Micropenis/ Huge penis traits

    I have an actor who has both Big Black Cock and Micropenis traits.
  10. thehyena

    Minor CMS Programming language Bug Generator

    Can you investigate if the bug generator is working? It might be a bit too soon on the new server but if its like the old server, I never had a bug generated there. Since bugs wasnt working I made all my CMS with PHP. Name Developing time multiplier Bug amount multiplier PHP x0.5 x4.0...
  11. thehyena

    Combination Processor

    Dont forget to do your combination processor daily quest! Gives some nice xp and it helps to better rate the combinations on the intelligence page
  12. thehyena

    Looking for Stormdog

    If you changed your username let us know!
  13. thehyena

    ⭐ AWT Discord server ⭐

    Discord invite code below W9wDpeWnMf