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  1. stormdog

    Statement Regarding Ownership of AWT

    It was fun while it lasted. I'm way too busy unfortunately and only log in every now and then to keep my account active. Let's hope someone is willing. Cheers.b
  2. stormdog

    Orgasm event in a PM

    Thanks a mil man. Sadly I'm blind so can't see those bars and they don't have a numerical display that is recognized by my screen reader but I will try my best to get it right or will figure something out. Much appreciated! Cheers SD
  3. stormdog

    Orgasm event in a PM

    Wonder if anyone has experienced this, and if so how they ticked the box. I have a PM with softcore as the required category, a semi-professional actor/actress as a tag and event says (orgasm). So I created a vid that included softcore, a smei-professional actor and there was a vaginal orgams...
  4. stormdog

    Live and let live, as long as no one gets hurt or forced into anything that is.

    Live and let live, as long as no one gets hurt or forced into anything that is.
  5. stormdog

    Transfer actors between agencies

    Very good idea this. I remember with the previous version of AWT I had a few actors I found in other countries in certain agencies and would've like to transfer them to the agency I created in their own country. Example, found a Swedish girl in the USA and at that stage added her to my US...
  6. stormdog

    Multiple penetration/ Double penetration

    This would be a nice change if it can ever be implemented. Would make threesome or gangbang movies a bit nicer in my opinion. Could idea this.
  7. stormdog

    Minor start photoshoot session

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  8. stormdog

    Aging of actors

    I suggest that sometime, when you have nothing much to do, maybe introduce aging of actors, that way ld actors can retire and we need to find new amateurs to replace them with and guide them on their way to stardom. Thoughts?
  9. stormdog

    Combination Processor

    I will certainly try to do mine every day.
  10. stormdog

    Looking for Stormdog

    Hey guys, for now I'm still stormdog. Just created the profile today.