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  1. XonniK

    Fixed Hourly processor stopped, and some other

    Sorry for duplicate my bug report from discord, but from 26.05 there has been no response or confirmation and the problems have remained the same. So I am not sure that a competent person knows about them. 26.05.23 Looks like video viewer counter has stopped working. When I analyse revenue...
  2. XonniK

    New Locations (Countries/Cities)

    Italy with Rome , Mexico... Yeah, great idea. In real, many pornstars comes from Hungary, so it's also a good extension if there any plans.
  3. XonniK

    A profile picture for an actor

    Hi. Is it ok to upload a photo for my actors? I remember it was possible some time ago. If it's still possible, I'll ask you ( ? ) to add photos for my two actors. Thanks :) and...