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  1. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery modifier with no empty modifier slot

    Apparently if you do plastic surgery and dont have a free normal modifier slot you dont get the surgery modifier for 24 hours with -5 to stat
  2. thehyena

    Fixed Video production level

    Colin said here https://forum.adultwebsitetycoon.com/threads/another-day-another-noob-question-video-production-level.408/#post-1616 I finally got two actors to semipro today but it didnt work as I expected. When I mixed one semipro actor with an amateur the resulting video was still amateur...
  3. thehyena

    Fixed Madrid Anti-obesitas mission bug, cant complete

    The bug seems to be: Its checking breast size for the male model. Step 1: Im adding the female model, everything is good. She has G cups Step 2: Im adding the male model, cup size requirement goes red
  4. thehyena

    Fixed Stranger conversation

    I think I found a bug on stranger conversation. It said to report it
  5. thehyena

    Question about viagra trait

    I have a question about the viagra trait. It seems a bit irrelevant since you can take a viagra pill on top of it. Is it supposed to work like hates pubic hair? Like a permanent free razor blade buff? Maybe when the actor gets generated, if he gets viagra trait he gets an additional +2 to penis...
  6. thehyena

    Video comment meaning

    I cant figure out what this video comment means "probably it's her 5th video of the day". I think it gives a penalty :confused: It is her first video made, was my 2nd video of the day 19/12/2018. Maybe she was a bit tired, stamina under 100% because of a date? Sadly I dont remember that...
  7. thehyena

    Fixed Photoshoot stats bug

    I think there is something wrong with photoshoots. The bars for my pose, smile and focus was going up and down as usual and I was trying to get them up. But after I did 10 photos and looked at the result all 10 photos had the exact same values. My photoshoot was regular/portrait with 3 people...
  8. thehyena

    Fixed Camgirl sessions left bug

    I forgot to extend her contract for more cam sessions and did a cam session while she had 0 left. I just noticed that she has -1 on cam sessions left
  9. thehyena

    Career switch to webcam model

    I saw people already have running webshows and I cant convince a single person to switch to webcam model :( I try on a few girls, happiness was max, I try with 0 jobs left, a semipro model, an actress with 25 videos, I even try on a famous nude model Is it RNG? Could I get a different outcome if...
  10. thehyena

    Career switch to normal model

    Are there any requirements to switching back to normal model? Because when I click on talk about contract I dont have option of "downgrading" to normal model Example is https://www.adultwebsitetycoon.com/game/npc/profile/elina-noya I just hired her and she is a nude model. I only have options...
  11. thehyena

    Fixed Intelligence - Sorting by rating

    Since new patch, sorting by rating on intelligence/discovered category combinations and discovered area category combinations is: 10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 instead of the way it was before, normal counting from 1 to 10
  12. thehyena

    Fixed Job interview

    There seems to be a bug with job interviews. After I select conversation option, happiness green bar disappears together with conversation options. Page refresh brings it back on track but at the end it says it couldnt record the interview and to report this bug on the forum. These are vacancies...
  13. thehyena

    Question about video ratings - Count of recent videos in same categories

    In guides/video ratings explained it says "Count of recent videos in same categories" under things that affect video rating. I now just realised that this video rating (it says that is hidden) is not the same as the 5/5 rating you get on a website from users... I think the 5/5 rating on website...
  14. thehyena

    Question about gay/lesbian actor trait

    I just scouted a pretty good actor with an impressive shlong that I want to hire. When I check his special stats page I discover he has the gay trait :eek: My question is: Does an actor with gay/lesbian have any negative impact on heterosexual scenes? I imagine it would give a bonus to...
  15. thehyena

    Another day, another noob question - Video production level

    How do you make different levels of video production? Im currently making amateur. Cant figure out how you make semipro and pro videos. Is it tied to video editing room level or camera crew and sound crew modifiers? Hope Im not being a derp and missed something. Thanks for reading
  16. thehyena

    Question about actor level/tier

    From what I understand, actor level works like an indicator for their base stats? Is it the average between the 5 body stats? So doesnt actually earn xp, level up or gets base stat increase? So what is the level range that can get generated? If an actor rolls top value on all body stats, what...
  17. thehyena

    Paypal card declined

    Just found this game on f95zone and I feel like this game deserves way more attention. I wanted to get 1 month subscription but I got card declined error with paypal. This is really strange, I used this method in the past with other games and used paypal today on something else, so it definetly...