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  1. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery modifier with no empty modifier slot

    Oh yeah I think that's what happened Results of Haylie Humphrey's appointment at BonKon's surgeon clinic 20-10-2019 20:06 It lasts 2 hours and it just expired a few mins ago. Okey I must have used the shake after he started the surgery and before he finished :LOL:
  2. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery modifier with no empty modifier slot

    It was Vaginoplasty and I made an appointment after for Butt implants
  3. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery modifier with no empty modifier slot

    Doesnt look fixed to me :whistle: I was able to make another surgery appointment right after the first surgery because she didnt have the surgery debuff Haylie Humphrey Im making her a BBW so Im fattening her with that slot
  4. thehyena

    Fixed Surgery modifier with no empty modifier slot

    Apparently if you do plastic surgery and dont have a free normal modifier slot you dont get the surgery modifier for 24 hours with -5 to stat
  5. thehyena

    Question about agency models...

    Oh boy, I jebaited myself out of about 80k $ I randomly found this nude model with below average stats in someone's agency available for buyout. I love her face pic so I decided to buy her for that 80k and invest in surgeries and change her career to actress. I didnt know you cant change...
  6. thehyena

    Sexual Orientation Question

    Dont think there is a penalty on video rating. If there is, the video comments should mention it. Sexual orientation has an influence of the amount of arousal generated during video recording. Colin said shemales are considered "neutral". source Release notes Version 0.76
  7. thehyena

    Piercing Question

    Asshole piercing Gives +1 asshole stat. Clitoris piercing Gives +1 pussy stat. Nipple piercing +1 for chest or breasts when applied Prince Albert Piercing +1 stat for the penis Tongue piercing +1 face stat (edited) No stat increase, but usable in missions etc. source: trait guide
  8. thehyena

    Question about video series

    Colin confirmed it here https://forum.adultwebsitetycoon.com/threads/series-question.445/#post-1811 Penalty for actors that star in more than one video from a video series apply to both male and female
  9. thehyena

    Fixed Intelligence updates

    I think its supposed to change saturday. Probably at midnight between friday and saturday. But yeah looks like we will have 3rd week of this trend :eek: Was hoping it will change this week
  10. thehyena

    Brainstorm: Video creating overhaul

    Have you played Porno Studio Tycoon? It had an interesting idea for movie director where you mix and match actors and sex positions. Maybe take what was good from that and improve on it. I like the added complexity to video making tho it seems like a huge project. I think some of the...
  11. thehyena

    Fixed Video production level

    No worries about existing videos. Glad you found the bug :)
  12. thehyena

    Fixed Video production level

    Actress name is Alia Antoinette she is semipro Made this together with a novice actor and the result was an amateur movie Made this after, a solo movie and it was a semipro movie This next example Im not 100% certain its this movie, but if you have access to backend data you can probably tell...
  13. thehyena

    Fixed Video production level

    Colin said here https://forum.adultwebsitetycoon.com/threads/another-day-another-noob-question-video-production-level.408/#post-1616 I finally got two actors to semipro today but it didnt work as I expected. When I mixed one semipro actor with an amateur the resulting video was still amateur...
  14. thehyena

    Fixed Intelligence updates

    https://forum.adultwebsitetycoon.com/threads/did-something-change-today-with-the-video-viewership-video-advertisement-payouts.478/ @Ovairedeterre said its random and some weeks it can stay the same
  15. thehyena

    Did something change today with the video viewership/ video advertisement payouts?

    Erm wasnt the video trend supposed to change? OP posted 22 december on Saturday. I was expecting it to change yesterday. Im so confused
  16. thehyena

    Video modifier strapon ?

    Not a bad idea :unsure:
  17. thehyena

    Fixed Madrid Anti-obesitas mission bug, cant complete

    The bug seems to be: Its checking breast size for the male model. Step 1: Im adding the female model, everything is good. She has G cups Step 2: Im adding the male model, cup size requirement goes red
  18. thehyena

    Girlfriend and money

    Do you have videos uploaded? You should be getting money from your videos every hour. Hmmm Im not sure if its allowed, Colin can delete my post if its not. You can use my nude model if you want and get some money if you're in negative.
  19. thehyena

    Fixed Stranger conversation

    I think I found a bug on stranger conversation. It said to report it
  20. thehyena

    The big "please give my actor a face" thread

    Oh yey! Thanks Colin, I love it :giggle: