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  1. Colin

    The future of AWT

    I haven't really thought about that. Not sure if the moderators there will let me. Maybe a bit later if I can't find anyone in the upcoming months on here?
  2. Colin

    The future of AWT

    I hope the same, thank you for being part of this community!
  3. Colin

    The future of AWT

    Hello, I have always learned to bring bad news immediately, so here it goes. Adult Website Tycoon will stop next year. The current version will stay online until the 28th of February 2022. This date has a meaning: It was exactly 4 years ago I released the first public beta. From that point I...
  4. Colin

    Major Escort Website CMS

    Is this problem still relevant?
  5. Colin

    Fixed No appointments allowed

    @Schmuddel72 should be fixed now!
  6. Colin

    The big "please give my actor a face" thread

    Hey all, I processed them all. Unfortunately only around 50% received a face image now. Unfortunately that's not possible. :( She got a new face now though.
  7. Colin

    Not a bug Extending contract on formerly borrowed actor

    Every now and then a process removes all video's that are in process for too long, I think that fixed it. :)
  8. Colin

    Fixed I hired a girlfriend...

  9. Colin

    Fixed Stuck character

    Fixed, try again :)
  10. Colin

    Fixed Hourly process stopped #2

    Ok guys, I've put a self healing job in place: If the processes gets stuck again, they will unstuck themselves after one hour tops. So this situation will never happen again!
  11. Colin

    Fixed Hourly process stopped #2

    Fuck, again! I will work on a permanent automated fix. Sorry.
  12. Colin

    Biannual "Any Update?" Thread

    OK, just a wild idea here. What if I fix a few annoying bugs and maybe add a few QoL features for now? Again biggest problem is time. But maybe you could help me address the most annoying stuff?
  13. Colin

    financial problem

    @omidkhan I gave you some funds to get started again :)
  14. Colin

    Fixed Hourly process stopped

    I gave everyone that logged in the past 2 weeks 5000 AWT coins to spend. Hope that softens the pain a little bit.
  15. Colin

    Biannual "Any Update?" Thread

    Hey guys, Colin here. I am deeply sorry for the current situation. I can't argue with the arguments you bring in. To give the bad news right away: There isn't anything big coming. The game isn't under any kind of development right now, apart from keeping it up and running. That's why I'm extra...
  16. Colin

    Fixed Hourly process stopped

    I am so amazingly sorry, this happens rarely but if it does, I get a notification about my monitoring system and I will fix it. Somehow that failed as well and ended up where we are right now. I WILL come up with a form of compensation because this is basically unacceptable.
  17. Colin

    Money help, please?

    I see the problem is already solved :)
  18. Colin

    financial help please

    I gave you a financial injection. :)
  19. Colin

    Financial help please!

    I see you're doing pretty well right now, financially. :)