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  1. skythers

    Release notes Version 0.73 released - Premium membership overhaul, new video actions, bugs fixed

    Is there any way to generate AWT coins without paying?
  2. skythers

    Re open - Photoshoot maximum payement

    I would personally code it to add diminishing returns. Something like the second model would add an 75% increase in revenue, the 3rd would add 50% more revenue, etc. This would force the player to make the decision as to take the GTH/Mod hit and run multiple shoots, or to take the revenue hit...
  3. skythers

    Forum typo

    I just noticed this <-------
  4. skythers

    Dedicated server alerts

    can the missing OS alert be silenced for dedicated servers? I just set up quite a few of then and now my hosting manager is flooded with these alerts, even though it is up to the customer to install the OS.
  5. skythers

    Feature or bug?

    I was playing around with some shared servers and migrating websites, when I discovered that when you remove a website from a shared hosting (say from shared -> cloud), then re-add the website to the shared hosting, that the website will be added to the most recent server that it was migrated...
  6. skythers

    Fixed No Server Throughput on shared hosting

    haha, reminds me of some of my bash scripts...
  7. skythers

    Fixed Banner dissappearing

    lol, I wasn't sure. Though I still think there should be the option to clear the banner somewhere
  8. skythers

    Fixed Enabled upload for others: no

    **Manage website shows them disabled, the webpage itself says they are active
  9. skythers

    Fixed Enabled upload for others: no

    My website is showing that uploads are disabled for others, even though the box is checked in the settings to allow it.
  10. skythers

    Fixed No Server Throughput on shared hosting

    Interestingly, my other Shared Hosting servers are generating throughput...
  11. skythers

    Fixed No Server Throughput on shared hosting

    I was attempting to do some benchmarking on some servers when I discovered that my website had 0 throughput. There was neither bandwidth usage or cpu usage on the server. My website would show up as running just fine, and would let me upload videos, but the new videos wouldn't generate any new...
  12. skythers

    Fixed Banner dissappearing

    I was playing with the themes on my website, when I noticed that my banner was being removed every time I changed something. There should be a checkbox or something that makes the banner persistent, or have it persistent by default and add a button that will remove the banner.
  13. skythers

    Able to spend GTH on development

    One thing you could do to make them more unique, is to add traits that are not cross-compatible. I don't have any examples off the top of my head right now, but even something like 3 choice traits will force a handful of unique CMSs
  14. skythers

    Fixed Better than perfect video rating?

    I believe this is do to a lack of a comment section to base the rating off of (at the moment there is no CMS that includes comments)
  15. skythers

    Fixed Better than perfect video rating?

    I have a video on my website rated 12/5 (congrats @Ovairedeterre) https://adultwebsitetycoon.com/game/website/video/browse/CyberHub.net/view_video/26577
  16. skythers

    Fixed Cloud hosting bug?

    Well now I've gone and added a lot more storage to allow for more websites to be added in general, but it is showing a partial TB available where it wasn't before, so I'm guessing it is working correctly
  17. skythers

    Fixed Cloud hosting bug?

    I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but my 1 website use to run on a single HP Proliant DL580 Gen10 with no issues before this update. I now have a cloud running with 2 of them in there, and the cpu loads seem to be as high as they were on the single machine. More importantly, I can't add a...
  18. skythers

    Release notes Version 0.69 "Soixante-Neuf" released - HUGE update: Hosting overhaul, CMS systems, and much more!

    As much as I don't like it, the specializations was a good call. It prevents full on monopolies in the business. AKA: now I have to rely on at least one other player to run all my stuff efficiently
  19. skythers

    Cam Session Videos

    Maybe the video goes to the editing stage after being recorded, where we can have the option of dropping the quality or reducing the length... One of my previous suggestions was to allow us to pre-select the video categories before starting a session. This would be one way that we could...
  20. skythers

    Awards ceremony timing

    This was more of what I was looking for. Maybe something like a 12 hour registration period vs the current 5