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  1. no1mafiaman

    Adjust orgasm chance at high Orgasm Control level

    The time it takes for an orgasm to be achieved when an actor has a really high orgasm level is ridiculous even when up against another skill like blow job or foreplay that is equally as high. For example a 91 Orgasm Control against an 89 foreplay took nearly half an hour. I'm not sure if it's...
  2. no1mafiaman

    Critic Internal service error when looking for people in london

    If I try to look for people in locations in London I get an internal service error 500, travelled to Berlin and it works find, travelled back to London and I get the error again. I did recently lose about 15 people through non contact in London though
  3. no1mafiaman

    Extend contact period from 6 to 14 days

    Any chance we can have the contact period for a contact extended from the current 6 days to 14 days? Sometimes with work and life it's difficult to get on to maintain a contact and I'd rather not have to move them to an agency with higher fees.
  4. no1mafiaman

    Minor Not able to select Boob job enhancement

    Ovaire2terre messaged me, it's because she has the perfect breasts trait
  5. no1mafiaman

    Minor Not able to select Boob job enhancement

    No she just replies it's impossible as if it the surgery has already been done, which technically it has but I used the surgery reset mod.
  6. no1mafiaman

    Minor Not able to select Boob job enhancement

    I have a girl that has the fake breast stat however I can't send her for a boob job enhancement surgery despite not having it on the treatment list (was removed with the surgery reset modifier) So it looks like some of the...
  7. no1mafiaman

    Critic Error performing photoshoot after changing clothes

    After a bit more testing it seems that changing clothes on a model and them using them on a modelling job causes the error. If it's just a photoshoot without a model job it works fine.
  8. no1mafiaman

    Critic Error performing photoshoot after changing clothes

    I'm getting an error when I change the clothes of a model and start a photoshoot, if I hit back and try again it will sometimes use GHT, model energy and clothing condition but still throw the error
  9. no1mafiaman

    New Locations (Countries/Cities)

    I'd like to see some new locations added to the game. In particular Italy with Rome, Milan and another city perhaps , with photography jobs mostly focusing on fashion and some nude. Wouldn't be a stretch to use the same photos as Spain for this one. Also Mexico and South Korea
  10. no1mafiaman

    Escort service manager

    It's full size on my screen but I am running 4k. I think it's sizing based on the responsive design so probably only needs a tweak in the CSS
  11. no1mafiaman

    Critic Error when stopping recording session

    I've been seeing this error pop up on my last few recording sessions, I have a feeling this is contributing to my porn actors not getting XP for a video. I think I have stopped the session while an action is still in effect. It was for this video (Changed the name after I finished recording)...
  12. no1mafiaman

    Major No XP earned on two out of three performers in a video

    In this video two of the performers earned 0XP
  13. no1mafiaman

    Minor Cannot appoint girl to surgery

    If I remember correctly this happened before, if someone was assigned surgery but then was dropped from a contract or contract timed out. Looks like you managed to get them into surgery though
  14. no1mafiaman

    Multiple penetration/ Double penetration

    Closest I've found is girl standing and person either side, one doing anal penetration the other can lick or finger pussy.
  15. no1mafiaman

    [disregard - user error] Mission job requirement not getting checked

    Have you made sure to select the correct session type Nude for the shoot? You can still put nude models in regular shoots
  16. no1mafiaman

    Minor Pussy image not update after permanent hair removal

    Meanwhile Jenessa still has a growler despite being hairless :D
  17. no1mafiaman

    Minor Pussy image not update after permanent hair removal

    ReMind did a permanent hair removal on however was not given an option to update the image and image was not automatically updated. So now she has a hairy pussy image with the Pubic hair preference as permanently removed
  18. no1mafiaman

    Fixed Cam girls do nothing when set to Take Control and earn no XP

    Yup that's exactly what I meant when I said cam girls do nothing.
  19. no1mafiaman

    Add a filter to clothes store wholesale

    Clothes store whole sale really needs a filter on it much like the one on the websites (browse websites) list.
  20. no1mafiaman

    Add ability to delete items from Inventory

    Add the ability to delete items from the inventory i.e. unwanted clothes