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    Website banners (Free)

    Hope you like it. I have a 17" monitor and use 1280x1024 with light theme, so if you using wide screen or higher resolution it might be small. Lemme know if you need higher res (banner is 850x300). Think it should work fine on dark theme
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    More options during video shooting

    About the tag limit, I was thinking about a suggestion. Maybe amateur movies would have max 3 tags, professional 5 and pornstar 7? or something like that. Adding a way of rewarding the use of a high career xp actor. On that note, I really think movie xp is really low for the amount of time it...
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    Controlling Orgasm skill should actually allow Control

    We might already have a system in place to deal with high controlling orgasm skill, the fake orgasm action. I think I might have used it only once and saw a negative comment complaining about it so I stopped using it. Maybe someone else did tests with this. If acting skill is high maybe you dont...
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    Minor Garage location

    Anyone made a video in garage location? I think there might be something buggy about it as it doesnt show up in location intelligence page. Example Its an old video but I dont think it was fixed. I dont remember if I reported this already or not. I just remembered about it as taxi is trending...
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    Controlling Orgasm skill should actually allow Control

    I just had an idea. What if the sexologist decreases Controlling Orgasm. Maybe it would decrease both the skill and the potential. Or maybe you could choose which one you want, increase or decrease (Sensitivity training or Endurance training) I think my strategy would be to use endurance...
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    Controlling Orgasm skill should actually allow Control

    My 10min rule: If I finished everything else I wanted/needed for the video and all thats left is for the hard-to-cum-girl to orgasm I just finish the video like that. I think one actor orgasm gives 1 point positive rating so you can do other actions to make up for that Provide multiple...
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    No video of the day award?

    Well yes, it has to be made in the last 24hours. After the awt party of yesterday
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    Website banners (Free)

    If anyone wants me to make them a website banner you can post a request on this thread. You can give me starting ideas, color schemes, pic you want to use or full creative freedom I can attach it here so no hassle of using a 3rd party to send the image, you can just save it and use it from this...
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    Minor Three different impossible personal missions

    I think it should be available as an option as long as she has C+ cups or something like that
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    Looking into the camera

    Would be interesting for a Gonzo, Reality, PoV category. Maybe its good for voyeur
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    Minor Ad income reported per minute in ledger

    Its from the daylight saving time. Last night the clock went forward by one hour
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    Money per view

    Oh right, the reason Im not getting the same results by dividing must be from the add % income different sites have. I forgot about that Thanks I think the income is lower than 0.08$ now. Colin changed how long videos generate views to 2 months. Before it was either 1month or 2weeks I dont...
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    Money per view

    Is the $ per video view fixed? Is there something that influences the value of the view? Some website pay more than others? Maybe higher ranking websites? I keep trying to divide Total ad income by number of views and I keep getting different numbers between 0.0040$ to 0.0036$ and Im not sure...
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    Website questions:

    Datacenter provides server space and uplink to hosting. Hosting provides servers to website owners. Red latency means the datacenter's uplink is smaller than the throughput. For example my datacenter has 500 Gbit/s uplink and I am currently using 35.83 Gbit/s This is dynamic and if there are a...
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    Website questions:

    lol Colin said on the forum in an older post that the best number of websites to upload is between 1 and 3 The more views a website gets, the more you are gonna pay for the bandwidth to the provider. Latency is tied to the uplink. Think of the internet connection your provider gives as like a...