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  1. Miles

    Surgery Mini Game Change

    Would it be possible to make the surgery mini game less random in some way? I was thinking maybe having a running timer in the empty space on the right that shows how much time there is remaining until the blue changes to white? That way players would have to balance risk and reward with how...
  2. Miles

    Ethnicity Filter in Vacancy

    It would be nice to be able to post vacancies for a specific ethnicity, similar to how we can search by ethnicity when looking for models to hire.
  3. Miles

    Celebirty Tracking

    It would be nice if there was a way to keep track of which goals an actor still needs to hit to increase their celebrity.
  4. Miles

    Not a bug Boob Enchancement Image

    It looks like if you do a boob job enhancement on an actor with fake boobs and nipple piercing, it is possible to select an image without nipple piercings as the result. https://www.adultwebsitetycoon.com/game/npc/profile/chayan-malai#general-a353553
  5. Miles

    Sort By Experience

    From what I can tell, with photo-shoots, the smile/pose/focus drop a lot faster if the actor is at a lower career level. For that reason, I try to look for actors that are "professional" or higher, so that I can maximize earnings.
  6. Miles

    Sort By Experience

    It would be nice to be able to filter models by experience level when searching.
  7. Miles

    Not reproducible "No stat increase" when performing surgery

    When I do a surgery, no matter the result (superb, etc), it always says no stat increase. However, The model ends up getting the stat increase anyway...
  8. Miles


    How does gaping work? What actions do I take to make a model gape during a video?
  9. Miles

    Video Notes

    It would be nice to be able to see clothes and modifiers used in a video after it is recorded. This way, we could refer back to them later to remind ourselves what clothes the actors were wearing, or what modifiers we used. A lot of times I see "nice clothes" or "bad clothes" comments on my...
  10. Miles

    Fixed Male Actor Nipple Piercing Image

    When having a male actor's nipples pierced, the game assigns them an image for their chest (boobs, albeit small ones). https://www.adultwebsitetycoon.com/game/npc/profile/chomesri-duanphen
  11. Miles

    Negotiating Contract Extension

    Is it currently possible to negotiate down an actor's signing bonus demand when extending a contract? I would try clicking "that's too much," but I'm afraid they might leave, or it might destroy their happiness...
  12. Miles

    Sell/Close Clinic

    It's ok, I'll keep my current clinic. Appointments started trickling in :cool:
  13. Miles

    Sexual Orientation Question

    Do straight females get a penalty when having sex with shemales/ladyboys?
  14. Miles

    Sell/Close Clinic

    It would be nice to be able to permanently shutdown or delete a clinic if a city becomes crowded or a player wants to move to another city for whatever reason. Maybe there could be a small loss in exp (-20% of total?) or a loss of the $400,000 it cost to start the clinic as a way to keep things...
  15. Miles

    Not a bug System not Generating Clinic Appointments

    Do you know if it is possible to close a clinic? I think I might build one somewhere else, but would like to avoid paying the higher 2nd clinic price if possible.